Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne Awaiting Upgrade in Classification to a 3-Star Hotel at Disneyland Paris

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As highlighted by ED92, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne in Disneyland Paris is currently awaiting a classification upgrade from a 2-star hotel to a 3-star.

This improved rating comes following the resort’s recent room refurbishment project, which was completed back in 2017. Now, all the resort rooms have received a Toy Story 2-inspired “Woody’s Roundup” theme, which subtly nods towards Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye.

The exterior to the lobby of Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

So, what does this mean for the hotel? Historically, the resort has been comparable with Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, located directly over the river from Cheyenne, also a 2-star hotel. Prices are usually similar for each, but with a higher rating the Cheyenne could bump up to a level comparable with Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, an often more costly 3-star.

And, while we’re on the subject, another notable change in the Disneyland Paris hotel classification system is that Disney have now started using stars to show the hotel ratings, in place of the Hidden Mickey key icons which used to be used.

We’ll have to stay tuned to see if the classification goes ahead. Have you stayed at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne? Do you think it’s worthy of the 3 stars? Let us know!

You can also check out our latest construction update on the neighbouring hotel Disneyland Paris Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, which will be opening in Summer 2020!

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Ed Kuyon
Ed Kuyon

I stayed there in the Summer of 2016. I would not say it would be three-star “worthy” unless there were significant upgrades. The rooms were not air conditioned (it was a HOT summer) and the open windows provided little to no ventilation. The included “breakfast” was literally the least amount of effort that could have been put forward. There was only WiFi in the lobby and it was spotty at best. The theming and detail at the resort were very good and – don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed it. That said, unless there were major upgrades, the… Read more »