PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 10/23/19 (Tomorrowland Updates, Peppermint Mickey Ornaments, Long Lines for Food, and More)

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom! It’s a bright, sunny day, but we’re pretending there is a cool Fall breeze in the air to help us get through. Thankfully, the crowds seem to be sleeping in today.

One of the benefits to showing up early is no lines to get into the park! Now we just have to decide which one of these many open entrances we should choose.

Our first stop is over in Tomorrowland to check in on Mickey’s Star Traders, which is currently under refurbishment, but still open to guests. We spotted newly added signage over the doors that matched the exterior colors.

Inside, not much has changed since our last visit. The windows to the PeopleMover are still boarded up, and the murals on the walls are still covered. The new silver-wrapped pieces around the ceiling match the display shelving below it. The metallic silver color is a bit of an improvement on the pale green color, but we’re afraid this refurb could be going towards some of the more bland makeovers we’ve seen recently, such as Mickey’s of Hollywood and Keystone Clothiers at Hollywood Studios. Let’s hope this remodel doesn’t leave us with a sterile, cold store with no charm.

The support beams around the PeopleMover have been looking rough lately. We noticed a few of them have been wrapped up, so let’s hope there are going to be some repairs happening on these ones soon.

On the bridge to Tomorrowland, you’ll notice some scrims close to the PeopleMover.

In Tomorrowland Terrace, which is currently closed, there are even more scrims, close to the Purple Wall.

TRON Lightcycle Run construction is looking beautiful. Be sure to check out our latest update on the expanded track here.

Who doesn’t appreciate a themed “out of order” sign on the brand new water bottle refill stations at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe?¬†Luckily, there is another one functioning right around the corner, but it would be nice to see more of these installed in the park (even if the water doesn’t taste that great.)

Let’s stroll on over to the other side of the park.

It looks like some of the damaged shingles have been replaced on the building outside of the Haunted Mansion. There is still an entire section that is oddly missing, but the rest looks a bit more refreshed.

The seating area for the Liberty Square Market looks a bit like a pool after the rain. The brickwork is really looking nice on the walls.

Still haven’t figured out what’s happening here behind Ye OIde Christmas Shoppe by the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom podium.

The camel is spitting today, but she’s not turning her head at all.

Rajah looks adorable with Jasmine on this Aladdin ornament from Agrabah Bazaar for $24.99.

This Redd the Pirate Minnie Mouse top is $34.99.

This snack Mickey peppermint Christmas ornament is available from Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe for $16.99 and is super cute. This would match the peppermint Minnie ears ornament we found at Disney Springs.

This Snow Scepter from Frozen 2 can be yours for $28.17 from Sir Mickey’s.

This Pixar dress and matching bags from Uptown Jewelers are so much fun.

There was quite a long wait to meet Mickey, but that wasn’t the only long wait around the park.

Casey’s Corner had a pretty decent line creeping into Main Street U.S.A. before they opened their doors for lunch.

The line to get into Columbia Harbour House forms long before they open their doors at 11 AM. Guests don’t have as many options early in the day, so lines tend to form outside of the quick service locations before they open.

Lines for pretzels were even long! Everybody was hungry today.

All these food lines are making me hungry, so that’s about it for now. Stay tuned for more updates from WDWNT!

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1 year ago

Do Chip and Dale roam around in the morning like the rumor stated earlier? Idk if i should get there early to see them or just wait until the afternoon at their scheduled time