PHOTOS: EPCOT New Arrival Experience Construction Update 10/22/19

As part of EPCOT’s giant makeover, the front of the park is also getting a facelift. Similarly to Magic Kingdom’s new arrival experience, EPCOT has some temporary pathways and security screenings set up to greet guests.


As guests exit their Monorail train, they are led through the usual platform full of twisting and turning ramps to return them safely to ground level.

Once guests reach the ground, a few rolling temporary hedges direct the pathway to the right to merge along with guests entering the park from the bus drop-offs. From here, guests pass a bathroom and go on to a (second) security screening checkpoint before getting into the park. It’s been noted that additional infrastructure installed with the tram loop updates will eliminate the need for this bothersome second bag check.


After guests are dropped off by Disney buses, they are greeted by a huge line of green construction walls to the left. Guests follow these walls, pass a bathroom, merge with the Monorail passengers, and go on to the same security checkpoint.

Parking Lots

The entrance experience is more or less the same for guests parking and walking in. Some construction walls are up to the right, but the path is the same as it was before. Guests walk along the path, up to a security screening checkpoint, to the MagicBand touchpoints, and on into the park.

In the Park

Once guests enter the park, there are even more construction walls up to the right, covering the construction of the new fountain as part of EPCOT’s grand makeover.  Guests are pushed around to the side, underneath Spaceship Earth, and on into the rest of the park.

New Tram Loop

Out in the parking lot, it looks like construction is wrapping up on the new tram loop. We saw Cast Members washing and sweeping the concrete today, and some construction workers told us the whole entrance to the park would be changing “very soon.”

We will be sure to keep you updated on any changes to EPCOT’s entrance, especially as the tram loop opens and the fountain construction continues.

Do you find this park entrance construction more or less confusing than Magic Kingdom’s? Let us know in the comments!

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