REVIEW: New Pineapple Coconut Mermaid Tail Swims Into Gasparilla Island Grill at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Gasparilla Island Grill at the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa has had a few new pastries arrive in the case. We recently tried the Frozen 2 Enchanted Forest Cookie, but today a new treat caught our eye. After the last few lackluster desserts, this was a much needed win. We flipped over the new pineapple and coconut Mermaid Tail.

This coconut pineapple filled pastry is $5.99 and really unique looking.

This beautifully decorated mermaid tail has two white chocolate pieces for fins and a purple sugar sea star on top. The pastry is coated in a sugar crystals and green coloring. The opening of the cone is covered with sprinkles, which makes eating half a mermaid a little less morbid.

It really looks like a lobster tail. The white chocolate fins were a little much, but add a nice additional snack if you like white chocolate.

The cream inside has a heavy consistency, but a very light flavor. Even though it’s described as pineapple coconut, we really couldn’t taste the coconut. The cream isn’t very sweet, making this a nice treat that won’t give you a sugar rush. Part of me thinks this should have been themed to Dole Whip, but I guess we’re at the wrong resort for all of that. The sugar on the pastry gives it a nice crunchy texture, but doesn’t add too much sweetness, surprisingly.

After the awful Arendelle Aqua Eclair and the mediocre Enchanted Forest cookie, it’s refreshing to find a good snack here at the Grand Floridian. Will you be swimming over to Gasparilla Island Grill for the new Mermaid Tail?

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