PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 11/25/19 (Slap Bracelet MagicBands Pulled, Return of the Turkey Leg Wagon, Liberty Square Market Nears Completion, Entrance Updates, and More)

Welcome to another beautiful Fall day here at the Magic Kingdom. The park is pretty busy today, but we’re going to make the best of it.

Upon arriving at the Magic Kingdom, we noticed that the pathways to and from the monorail are just slightly wider. It seems like the construction walls are starting to shrink. We recently reported to you on the opening of the pathway from the Ferry Boat, and it seems like things are progressing quickly behind the walls.

Starbucks is prepared for that morning rush. The Main Street Bakery has placed tape markings down to maintain an organized queue for when the line spills down Main Street.

After visiting a few gift shops, we realized that none of the Slap Bracelet MagicBands were available. We spoke to management who informed us that the bands were pulled due to a manufacturing defect. Thankfully, we already picked up the ones we wanted, but we’ll just have to wait and see if and when the slap bands return!

We took a quick look at the Liberty Square Market seating area construction and things seem to be moving along nicely and nearing completion.

Since there’s going to be plenty of new seating in Liberty Square, they decided to roll out the old turkey leg wagon.

We’re still haunted by this sale that just materialized.

The mysterious Kraft brand honey mustard has disappeared and been replaced by Heinz brand throughout the quick service locations.

Marching on.

When “it’s a small world” has a long wait, you know the park is busy.

The signs outside of Storybook Treats has been advertising the Minnie Cookie Dough Sundae even after it was replaced by the Gingerbread Sundae. It looks like they’ve removed the incorrect menu and are preparing to fix it. Might not hurt to throw some paint on there, too. There’s a scratch or two… hundred… on the bottom of the scroll.

Let’s voyage on over to the snack case at Storybook Treats.

If you’re a fan of dark chocolate covered pineapple or strawberries, you can always ask for them even if you don’t see them in the display case.

You can get some great views from the PeopleMover. First, you’ll see the back side of scrims. Thrilling, right?

Okay, this is what we actually want to see. TRON Lightcycle Run is making fast progress, so be sure to read our latest construction update.

Even the Briar Patch has gotten decked out in critter Christmas decor. Br’er Rabbit did a swell job decoratin’.

Thanks for joining us around the Magic Kingdom today and be sure to keep following for all the latest updates.