REVIEW: New Dinglehopper Noodles and Little Mermaid Oyster Cake Splash into the Magic Kingdom for a Limited Time

I wanna be… where the snacks are. “The Little Mermaid” is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and the parks are commemorating it with exclusive H2O+ product lines, a new menu at Coral Reef, and now a limited time pair of snacks at Prince Eric’s Village Market, located near Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid in the Magic Kingdom.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t a different iteration of the Little Mermaid donut, but a set of sweet and savory snacks. The two options include the Dinglehopper Noodles and the Dream Big, Little Memaid Cake, which is shaped like an oyster shell with a pearl.

The Dinglehopper Noodles are on display to intrigue guests into inquiring about the new options.

We went for both options, just in case. The noodles come in a plastic container with a lid as was shown in the display, and the cake comes on a gold gilded plate with scalloped edges. Best of all, the noodles come with a utensil included in the packaging. That’s right… they come with their very own dinglehopper.

While certainly laden with food coloring, the two options are fairly creative and presented nicely. But how do they taste? We didn’t come all the way up to the shore for no reason.

Dinglehopper Noodles – $6.49

Fresh pasta salad with an herb vinaigrette, radishes, and chives with an edible flower.

The Dinglehopper Noodles come with a silver fork nestled into two nests of twirled spaghetti, with a few thin slices of radish and a healthy shake of dried chives. The edible flower is actually a large orchid.

The noodles are more along the lines of al dente pasta, so don’t expect the chewy toothsome quality that comes with actual noodles. They’re thoroughly coated in the herby vinaigrette, which surprisingly doesn’t make them too soggy. Despite the vinaigrette though, these are still fairly plain… almost like the bland pasta you eat when you’re sick. Anyone who prefers more simple flavors would appreciate this, or someone looking for plain-ish pasta for their kids.

If you’re looking for a fun, simple lunch to tide you over, this limited time one even comes with a souvenir. (Yes, we cleaned and kept the dinglehopper.) However, if you only pick one of these limited time treats… make it the cake.

Dream Big, Little Mermaid Oyster Cake – $5.99

Hibiscus flavored cake, a raspberry marmalade, lemon buttercream and an edible pearl.

This cake isn’t only beautifully presented, it’s surprisingly really good, too. The two oyster halves are like rounded muffins, with the base nestled in thick lemon frosting so it doesn’t roll around. The top half has a small section dipped in white chocolate with purple sprinkles. In the center of the two cakes is more lemon frosting with raspberry in the center.

The lemon cream is really good with just a tiny bit of tartness, but overall, it’s excellent. The raspberry was extremely tart, but the lemon frosting cuts the tartness when you eat them together.

The hibiscus cake itself is amazing. It’s thick and dense, and reminded us a bit of a cake pop. We got more fruity than floral tastes with this, and it has just the right amount of sweetness. The candy-coated chocolate pearl was also a great touch.

Overall, this dessert costs about as much as your usual Disney cupcake, but tastes far better. We definitely recommend you try one before it’s gone.

These two offerings will be available from November 17th to the 24th. Make sure you swim over before these wash away for good!