DISNEY+ REVIEW: “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Features a School Board Hearing and a Wildcat Alumna in Episode 6

“What team?” “WILDCATS!” That’s right Wildcats, this episode is all about sticking together and even brings back a familiar face inside the walls of East High.

If you need a quick recap, check out our reviews on Episode 1, “The Audition” , Episode 2, “The Read-Thru”Episode 3, “The Wonderstudies”Episode 4, “Blocking”, Episode 5, “Homecoming”, then get’cha head in the game for episode 6, “What Team?”.

“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Features a School Board Hearing and a Wildcat Alumna in Episode 6

We start off with Miss Jenn’s drama from the end of last episode, with Principal Gutierrez telling her about a school board hearing regarding her fake credentials on her resume. This leads her to being late for rehearsal, and Carlos has to step in once he finds out the reason why. The stress of trying to take over blocking a number leads to the truth coming out about Miss Jenn, and the cast all leaves so they can process the news.

Ricky and Gina end up staying afterwards, saying that they aren’t sure what to do now since rehearsal has ended. The two realize that after the events of homecoming, there are some feelings growing between them after the kiss they shared last episode. Ricky decides to show Gina his acoustic version of “When There Was Me and You”. Elsewhere, EJ is apologizing to Nini about everything that he had caused to try to get back together. Nini rejects his apology and heads back to the rehearsal space when she hears Ricky singing. It’s then that she finds out that he’s singing to Gina and quickly leaves afterwards.

After school, Carlos meets up with Miss Jenn, who admits the truth and passes on all of her notes for the next drama teacher to have. After hearing about everything, the entire cast congregates into Big Red’s basement and all discuss their problems with Miss Jenn possibly not returning. The cast all comes into agreement that they aren’t upset that Miss Jenn lied, but that they would be losing a teacher that saw each student as unique, gave them a voice, and allowed them all to come together as a family through difficult times.

The next morning, Mike finds Miss Jenn outside of the high school, telling her that he’s here to support Ricky during the school board hearing. It’s then that he realizes that the Jennifer he hit on at the bowling alley, was actually his son’s drama teacher in question. Everyone heads inside for the hearing in the cafeteria, where students, parents and faculty all convene.

During the hearing, the students break out into a musical number, showing their support for Miss Jenn in a song called “Truth, Justice and Songs in Our Key”. At the end of this number, the parents and staff all applaud and Principal Gutierrez gets everyone back on track. One member of the school board stands up, asking when she can purchase tickets for opening night. This member of the school board just happens to be Wildcat Alumni Martha Cox, played by Kaycee Stroh. The episode ends with Miss Jenn’s job saved, the musical back on track, and Ricky and Gina happily embracing in front of Nini.

This episode is full of musical numbers and really ties in the point of teamwork when it comes to a common goal. The cameo by Kaycee Stroh was a surprise at the end of the episode, and helps tie in the impact of the original High School Musical movies to the new series. When the cast all try to recreate the original movie poster for their program, the leads are all dressed in similar costumes as their characters. These little nods are really nice for fans of the original movies, as well as the songs making a return in little ways that fit naturally into the episodes.

Still with us Wildcats? Check back with us next week for Episode 7, “Thanksgiving”.

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