DISNEY+ REVIEW: “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Leaves Many Relationships Broken in Episode 4

Tensions grow and relationships come to an end in this weeks episode of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”. From family drama to teenage emotions, Ricky’s life takes center stage as we watch all of this unfold.

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“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Leaves Many Relationships Broken in Episode 4

After Nini has been avoiding EJ since she discovered he was the one that took her phone, EJ tries to confront her in the hallway before a rehearsal. When Nini admits that she has been trying to find some way to retrieve the deleted voicemail from Ricky, EJ decides to admit to Nini that over summer camp, he was the one responsible for making sure Nini got the lead role in the play. All of these secrets come out right in front of the rest of the cast, which sets the stage for a very tense rehearsal. Miss Jenn informs them that Ricky is running late and that EJ will have to fill in for the part of Troy since he’s the understudy.

Ricky’s at home, struggling to find his script among a messy living room. His dad informs him that his mom is returning home from Chicago tonight and that they will be getting dinner after rehearsal. Ricky’s mom enters, saying she got an earlier flight back and the tension is clear in the room. When Ricky confronts them about what’s going on, they announce that they are going to get a divorce. Ricky’s shaken up and quickly leaves for rehearsal, which is dealing with it’s own tension.

Nini and EJ are struggling to have chemistry while blocking “What I’ve Been Looking For” as Ricky rushes in. Miss Jenn, growing impatient with how the rehearsal is falling apart, calls Ricky into her office before ending the practice early. When Miss Jenn lectures Ricky about the responsibilities of a lead role and coming prepared, he tells her what’s going on at home before leaving.

Nini and Kourtney go to a coffee shop afterwards to discuss the latest drama involving EJ, when his cousin, Ashlyn enters. Nini and her talk about the situation and Ashlyn admits that EJ often does the wrong thing for the right reasons and asks if Nini may come around to forgive him. Meanwhile, Ricky is staying over at his friend’s Big Red’s, in order to stay away from fighting parents. Unable to sleep, he ends up seeking out Nini’s mother’s help for a place to stay instead.

Nini’s upstairs in her room with Ricky arrives, unknowing that Ricky’s downstairs or that EJ is sitting outside her house in his car, trying to text her, only to find that his number is blocked. EJ then drives off to Gina’s house, saying how desperately he wants to win Nini back. Gina starts to work on a plan that will get Nini to come back to him by proposing they attend the homecoming dance together.

When Nini hears something downstairs, she finds Ricky and the two talk about what’s going on. The two hug and then Ricky leans into kiss her, only for them to realize that they’re still just friends. When Nini goes off to grab some pillows, Ricky has left and skates off back home. She returns to her room for the night and works on writing a new song, “All I Want”, as a way to express her feelings.

This episode really shows more of the life these students have outside of East High and all of the different obstacles they’re all facing. It also shows the reality of what some teenagers have to deal with once they go home for the day. It’s interesting to see how each episode weaves in a song or scene from the original High School Musical movie. With this week, “What I’ve Been Looking For” makes a few appearances as the scene that they are blocking, as well as the song being played throughout certain scenes. The new original songs flow really well into the episodes without seeming like a random musical number that’s just been thrown in. “All I Want” was actually written by Nini’s actress, Olivia Rodrigo, which makes it even more special.

Still with us Wildcats? Check back with us next week for Episode 5, “Homecoming”.

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1 year ago

I love this show more than I should.