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PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo DisneySea 12/7/19 (Christmas Decor, Little Details, New Security Checkpoint, and More!)

Boys and girls, look! Out in the distance! Could it be Tokyo DisneySea? Why yes, yes it is. And they’ve even decorated for the holiday season! What say we drop anchor and share the holidays with everyone? Let’s go!

Around the Park

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Because of the rather unpleasant weather, it was a fairly quiet day in AquaSphere Plaza. That’s fairly unusual these days, so I enjoy it when I get to experience it.

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Outside the north gates, the security gates we mentioned last month have already been set up in one spot. The old-fashioned bag check remains in place next to it, as well as at the south gates. I continue to opt for the old-fashioned method for the sake of time and simplicity.

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It’s the jolly Disney Christmas season here at Tokyo DisneySea! The grand marquee is on Hotel MiraCosta, Christmas trees line Passaggio MiraCosta, and within there are banners and lights up to celebrate the season this year! And the fun’s just starting!

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After two months of no progress, more scaffolding has disappeared. The details on the front look more beautiful than ever! We’ll revisit this in a little bit.

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The light posts in Porto Paradiso are all decked with garland and ribbon for the holidays!

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And even the old miser Scrooge McDuck is in on the holidays! He’s decorated his store with so much garland, and even installed a cute “Happy Holidays” photo op in front of the store. Perhaps Scrooge learned his lesson in generosity?

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Along Broadway in the American Waterfront, garland and stars hang above the streets. At night, it makes for quite the sight!

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Posters featuring Mickey and Minnie, Duffy and his friends, and Pinocchio and Geppetto adorn the walls and boards of the American Waterfront! You won’t want to miss It’s Christmas Time!, the incredible holiday harbor show revue. or The Colors of Christmas, the annual tree-lighting celebration celebrating its final year!

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Speaking of trees, the grand tree of Tokyo DisneySea is located in front of the S.S. Columbia in the American Waterfront. At a towering 51 feet tall or 15 meters, you certainly can’t deny that Tokyo DisneySea is in the holiday spirit in a big way!

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Speaking of the S.S. Columbia, the smokestacks have returned! Who’s ready for that maiden voyage now?

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Over in Cape Cod, the Duffy friends have their own little Christmas tree. If you look really close, you can see that they all have their own adorable ornaments featuring snowmen as well!

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And in the style of the ever-popular SnoSnow merchandise , Duffy has received his very own snow…bear representation, and it’s darn cute! Honestly, a Duffy SnoSnow line in the future wouldn’t surprise me.

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Feeling in the romantic spirit? Bring your beloved down to Cape Cod and you can stand under the mistletoe! Plus that Mickey and Minnie art is just so adorable.

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If there’s one port more festive than Mediterranean Harbor, it’s probably Lost River Delta. All over, there are tons of trees, poinsettias, and lights featuring Donald, Jose, and Panchito!

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Feliz Navidad, amigos! I really love the special Lost River Delta touches here. Sadly, only three ports are truly decked out for the season: Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, and Lost River Delta. I wonder what holiday overlays in Port Discovery or Mysterious Island would look like. Just picture it: futuristic or steampunk holiday decor! Somebody call Imagineering!

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Chip & Dale feature prominently on these can-based luminarias (not to be confused with the former California Adventure show). Behind it, dozens of poinsettias. And like everything else, it’s even more gorgeous at night!

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Over in Mermaid Lagoon, pavement work is still underway. This has been ongoing for a rather long time now. I wonder if there were some serious issues? Either way, it creates a rather inconvenient bottleneck in this ever-crowded passageway.

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I wonder where the hidden Mickey is on all this gorgeous mosaic work?

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See it now? Look at all the details on the individual stones too!

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Journey to the Center of the Earth is finally back. On top of that, more scaffolding was removed! Perhaps the work on this side is nearly done?

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Work continues on the Cape Cod/Fortress Explorations side of the Ponte Vecchio bridge. This work is fairly routine for this time of year, and will continue likely into the winter through the rest of the bridge.


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There’s a few neat items floating (haha) around Tokyo DisneySea this week. This new Litttle Mermaid-themed bubbler just released last week, and lights up while it releases bubbles galore! And for only ¥2200 ($20.25), you can spread the bubbly joy all over the parks!

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There’s quite a bit of fever around Frozen 2, and for good reason! About two months ago, Tokyo Disney Resort released a special line of Frozen 2-themed merchandise, including these neat Anna and Elsa dolls in their travel clothes. For ¥3600 ($33.13), they can be yours too!

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Or if you’re a pin person, there’s even a special pin just for Frozen 2 fans! And at only ¥1000 ($9.20) for such a huge pin, it’s quite the steal!

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Often overlooked by most resorts is Clarice, Chip & Dale’s love interest. Even though she appears regularly in shows here, she rarely ever gets her own merchandise. So seeing this Clarice stuffed badge for ¥1900 ($17.49) was all the more special!

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Some of the special Soaring: Fantastic Flight merch has been returning to shelves as of late. If you’re a huge fan of Camelia Falco and Soaring in general, you can show off your dedication with this cute pass case for only ¥1800 ($16.57)

And that’s all this week from Tokyo DisneySea! Boy, I’m exhausted! Anybody want to sail over to Tokyo Disneyland? Let’s go sometime! I hear their holiday decor is excellent as well! Until then, keep the spirit of the season in your hearts, and we’ll see you soon! What was your favorite holiday decor item? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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