PHOTOS: Corn Dog Nuggets Now Come With Cheese at Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner, the quick-service restaurant honoring America’s national pastime of baseball, is a staple of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. With such an iconic dining location, we’re often weary of menu changes.

In October, an unimpressive plant-based slaw dog was added to the menu. Even earlier this year in May, the fan-favorite corn dog nuggets were briefly replaced with chicken-based ones. Public outcry reversed the change and the classic corn dog nuggets triumphantly returned to their rightful place on the Casey’s Corner menu. Today, we have more news about these beloved corn dog nuggets, but we promise it’s good!

A cup of cheese is now included with a corn dog nugget meal. This delicious combination of corn dog nuggets with cheese has garnered the attention of the internet, so it seems Disney has been following the online buzz and decided to make it a permanent fixture on the menu.

Previous to this menu change, if guests wanted cheese for dipping their corn dog nuggets it would cost them an additional $1.00.

Next time you order corn dog nuggets, enjoy that extra dollar you’ll be saving! What do you think of this menu change to Casey’s Corner? Let us know in the comments.

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11 months ago

“But please… with dignity”