Boarding pass out sign Rise of the Resistance 12/13/19

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups Now Being Distributed Starting at Official Park Opening Time Beginning Today

UPDATE: Disney has confirmed that Boarding Group distribution will be taking place at official park open daily until further changes are implemented.

Since Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened, the attraction has utilized a boarding group system that required guests to enter the park and then obtain said group in the My Disney Experience app in order to ride. On top of this, the park has been unofficially opening anywhere from 30-120 minutes ahead of the scheduled opening time, allowing guests to grab that boarding group way before the park’s official opening time. Today, things have gone a little differently…

While the park did allow guests in before the official 7:00 am opening time (at 6:30 am guests were admitted), cast members have informed guests that they will not be able to join a boarding group until 7:00 am. On top of this, the attractions in the park did not open prior to 7:00 am, either.

It is unknown if this is a one-day policy change or if it will be the way the process works from now on, but we will certainly keep you posted on this and further operational changes for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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  1. They really need to figure out what in the heck they are going to do. I can only imagine a guest showing up at 5am or earlier only to be told we’ve changed things around… without pre-telling anyone. Personally, I think none of this is showing the guest any respect or consideration.

  2. I talked to guest services and was informed this was the current policy going forward. I was also told they are working on a second waitlist virtual queue to fill in spots on the attraction for no shows.

  3. It would be smart of them to establish that the official opening time is the soonest you can experience the park so there’s no reason to show up any sooner, especially when it’s a given that they will be at capacity (for the entire park itself) in a week.

  4. It should have been this way all along. No way should people have gotten in before park opening and got a boarding pass. I realize this creates a huge jam-packed crowd issue but that’s just another problem they should address.

    1. Disagree. Allowing people in before park opening separates the truly committed travelers from the casual.It allows the guest to decide how badly they want to ride that attraction, and plan their trip accordingly. Now, we are lumped in with everyone, and it’s a crap shoot whether you get a boarding pass or not. That is unfair to the committed folks that are willing to make the sacrifice and get up early to assure their spot. Lazy people have an equal chance now – NOT FAIR>

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