PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 1/11/20 (Scaffolding Removed from Space 220, Aquarium Maintenance at The Seas, Construction Updates, and More)


EPCOT ball

PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 1/11/20 (Scaffolding Removed from Space 220, Aquarium Maintenance at The Seas, Construction Updates, and More)


EPCOT ball

PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 1/11/20 (Scaffolding Removed from Space 220, Aquarium Maintenance at The Seas, Construction Updates, and More)

Greetings World Travelers! Today, we took a spin around EPCOT to see what all was new, and we want to show you what we saw! Let’s check it out.

Watercolor tee 1/8/20 1

First when we arrived we went to take a look at the new temporary MouseGear and saw this t-shirt that goes with the new acid wash/watercolor apparel line. The shirt is $29.99.

Watercolor tee 1/8/20 2 Space 220 1/8 2

Next we popped over to the future Space 220 restaurant and saw that the scaffolding is gone! It looks like it really will be opening in February.

Space 220 1/8 1 New penny machine Mission Space 1/8/20 1

In the Mission: SPACE gift shop we spotted this newly relocated pressed penny machine. This one features various Star Wars characters, and it used to reside inside MouseGear.

New penny machine Mission Space 1/8/20 2 New penny machine Mission Space 1/8/20 3 Joffreys by Guardians 1/8/20 2

Over in front of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, we saw that the Joffrey’s stand has moved forward and this path has opened up. The path leads to an exit for the temporary MouseGear, but will lead to the new Guardians coaster when it opens.

Joffreys by Guardians 1/8/20 1 The Seas 1/8/20 1

In The Seas, we saw some divers replacing a panel in the aquarium tank. It was fun to watch them communicate with their hands underwater and try to hold that panel down.

The Seas 1/8/20 2 Soarin 1/8/20

The morning wasn’t too busy and the wait for Soarin’ was only 15 minutes around 10:30am.

Imagination work 1/8/20 2

More mysterious work continues on this area next to the Imagination pavilion.

Imagination work 1/8/20 1 France 1/8/20 2

We hopped on the Skyliner to check in on the France pavilion expansion and saw that lots of new scrim has gone up. There is a lot of activity going on here and we expect to see some major progress soon.

France 1/8/20 3 France 1/8/20 4 France 1/8/20 1

The bathroom in the France expansion is moving along nicely too. The roof is nearly finished and concrete has been laid in front of it.

NEw France sign 1/8/20 1

In the old section of the France pavilion, we saw that a new sign has finally been placed on the Palais du Cinema! We can’t wait for Impressions de France and the Beauty and the Beast Singalong to open!

NEw France sign 1/8/20 2 Disney on Broadway 1/8/20 1

Over in front of The American Adventure we saw the times, dates, and singers for Disney on Broadway performances. The performances start January 17th with the opening of The International Festival of the Arts.

Disney on Broadway 1/8/20 2 Regal Eagle 1/8/20 1

Also at The American Adventure we wanted to see if a sign for Regal Eagle was up yet. Alas, no sign, but we did see this section of wire sticking out. Perhaps the sign will light up?

Regal Eagle 1/8/20 2 Innoventions demo 1/8/20 1

On the way out of the park, we stopped to look at the sad state of Innoventions West.

Innoventions demo 1/8/20 2 Epcot front work 1/8/20 1

Before jumping on the monorail for more construction pictures, we peeked in on the work going on in the front of the park. We saw these big rebar supports and other sections of rebar set for concrete. The area is really starting to shape up and we are looking forward to the front of the park being wide open once again.

Epcot front work 1/8/20 2 Fountain 1/8/20 epcot

The new fountain has received some updates with an interesting almost fish scale type pattern on it.

Epcot pathway 1/8/20

This pathway by Guest Relations is fully paved and could open any day now.

Future World bathroom 1/8/20

The Future World East restroom refurbishment work seems to have stalled out with the heavy rains and the holidays. Space for a pathway and plumbing work can be seen along with piles of materials waiting to be used.

Future World bathroom 1/8/20 2

As part of MouseGear closing and the restroom refurbishment, Cool Wash and a whole section of walkway has been closed off behind construction walls.

Guardians Cosmic Rewind 1/8/20 1

As we came around to see Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind from above we can see that most of the concrete on the sides and front has been laid. More new materials have been brought in and soon no more dirt will be visible in front of the ride building.

Guardians Cosmic Rewind 1/8/20 2

That’s all for our trip around EPCOT today! Check back with WDW News Today for our next exciting EPCOT report. With so much going on in this park, there is always something to report on.

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  1. What happened to the Fountianview Starbucks and are they going to bring it back? And bring back the fountain of nations as well please let us know

  2. I really like these construction reports for EPCOT, thanks for all the updates I only hope that whatever replaces the fountain of nations matches the beauty and grandeur of that original fountain. It was literally my favorite location in all of EPCOT.

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