PHOTOS: Construction Goes Vertical on New Security Screening Structure at EPCOT

Work on EPCOT’s reimagined entrance continues to roll along. Today we stopped by to see the latest changes.

Work on utility lines near the east side of the parking lot continues as the hole has expanded.

With the first large section of pavement having been poured, work now begins on more retaining walls.

Work on the new covered security screening checkpoints, expected to mirror the ones on the west side of the entrance, has gone vertical. These support beams have started to grow rapidly in height.

From above, we can see where new footing and supports are going to be placed as well for fencing inside the planters. The green posts will serve as the support posts for green fencing similar to the ones now seen over towards the bus loop entrance to the west.

On the other side of the walkway, more support beam frame holes have been dug and put into place.

Inside the park, utility pipes are now on site inside the walled area.

Work to remove the sidewalk here has progressed rapidly in the past several days.

Similarly, work to repave the sidewalk in the east breezeway is ongoing as well. It is expected that this will finish and open up at the same time as the east bypass pathway that will lead between guest services and the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind and Play! pavilions, connecting near the rear exit for the temporary Mouse Gear location.

Work here has really moved fast in the last few days since Gateway Gifts closed for its refurbishment.

Progress has also been made to the outer retaining wall of the reimagined EPCOT entrance fountain. Construction workers were seen on site grinding and sanding the outer wall for the fountain.

Outside the west security checkpoint, green walls remain up while more landscaping materials and plants are brought in for staging. This area will also be filled with new plants once the pathway for construction vehicles and equipment here is no longer needed.

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