PHOTOS: New Bag Check and Security Screening Area Prepares to Open at the Transportation and Ticket Center

We’ve been monitoring the slow but steady progress at the Transportation and Ticket Center for some time now. Since our last update, it seems things are getting even closer to completion. The construction walls seem to be shifting a bit, and the new bag check and security screening area closest to Mickey’s Gift Station looks like it could be ready for guests any day now. We got a little look at the changes from the monorail, and noticed that more pavement has been filled in around the entrance of the TTC as well.

As you can see, guests are filtering into the TTC from both sides of the construction walls.

Ropes are still draped in front of the bag check area, but we can see the permanent tables are in place and ready for guests. Back in November, the other side of the security screening area opened for guests, and it looks like the next section will open very soon.

There is still more work to do here, so we’ll continue to update you on all the changes. Be sure to keep following for more on this and other projects around Walt Disney World.