EPCOT entry fountain 1/13/20 3

PHOTOS: Tiles Removed from New EPCOT Entrance Fountain After Testing

On today’s trip around the monorail to check out all the various construction projects going on in EPCOT, we noticed something strange about the new entry fountain. A set of textured tiles applied to one section of the fountain are now missing.

EPCOT entry fountain 1/13/20 2

In early January, after months of work on the concrete and planters surrounding the fountain, we noticed that some work was being done on the fountain. This small section of themed tiles had been applied to the fountain base.

EPCOT entry fountain 1/13/20 3

EPCOT entry fountain 1/11/20 5
A photo of the tiles in early January before they were removed.

The tiles matched the concept art for the new fountain’s final product and it seemed that more sections would be on the way. As time went on, it appeared that the tiles were being tested to see how water would flow off of them and into the reservoir below. It is unknown whether testing will take place with different-style tiles in the future.

EPCOT entry fountain 1/13/20 1

Along with the tiles being removed, we noticed that more concrete in the corner of the west entrance plaza has been torn up. This is to remove the leftover concrete spaces from the Leave a Legacy monoliths and make the concrete look more uniform.

Now that the tiles have been removed, it is unknown when they will return to the fountain once again. Keep checking back with WDW News Today for more updates on the new EPCOT fountain as well as all the other projects throughout the Walt Disney World parks!

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