My Disney Experience Glitch Causing Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run FastPasses to be Replaced With Tier 2 Options

Jessica Figueroa

My Disney Experience Glitch Causing Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run FastPasses to be Replaced With Tier 2 Options

Jessica Figueroa

My Disney Experience Glitch Causing Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run FastPasses to be Replaced With Tier 2 Options

With Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway now available as FastPass+ selections, the mad dash every morning to secure FastPasses from the My Disney Experience app has begun on every new subsequent day added to the calendar. However, it seems that a recent glitch in the app has been converting these highly-coveted Tier 1 FastPasses into, well, less than ideal Tier 2 options.

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A reader recently messaged us with this alarming email notification they’d received overnight concerning a change to their FastPass+ selections. They were informed that their Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run FastPass had been changed to none other than a FastPass for… Voyage of The Little Mermaid.

Other reports on social media list odd replacements such as the Disney Junior Dance Party, among others. Even non-Tier 1 options are glitching, as a Toy Story Mania! FastPass for March 3 automatically converted to a Multiple Experience FastPass.

By calling the number on the email, they were able to speak to a Cast Member that in turn changed the odd mystery replacement into a Multiple Experience FastPass, valid for any attraction except Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Slinky Dog Dash. This met their needs and they chose not to escalate further, so it is still unknown what would happen if a guest were to request that their original Millennium FastPasses be reinstated.

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It’s likely that the rollout of FastPass+ options for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway may have effectively derailed the FastPass+ system, causing these glitches. Many of those affected had FastPasses within that initial set of available dates, so double check your current FastPass+ selections and keep a close eye on any random changes.

If you do experience a mystery FastPass+ swap, call (407) 939-7660 for assistance.

8 thoughts on “My Disney Experience Glitch Causing Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run FastPasses to be Replaced With Tier 2 Options”

  1. I noticed this morning that March 1-10 (or something like that) indicated that HS had zero fastpasses available as well. It seems that has been fixed. Guessing that is related to this glitch and perhaps it has been fixed. There was also a post on Twitter to Guest Services by somebody who had gotten a Mickey and Minnie FP and when they clicked into it it said it was invalid. Guessing all related. Hopefully fixed now.

  2. I had this problem with falcon AND any fast pass booked before 9am. I think when they changed the open times it had some issue. My slinky dog at 8am got changed to multi experience for anything including slinky, falcon at 9am got changed to the dance party, and anything I tried to get before 9am would get changed to later in the day or something else.

  3. Ours was converted to an untimed multiple experience pass that included millennium falcon and slinky dog, so I have not raised an issue. March 7 fastpass date.

  4. And this is exactly why I tell people to take pictures or video of their fast passes. When I went to WDW last year,every time I made a new return tine using the disability fast pass system, one of my fast passes would disappear. Very frustrating to say the least! So take a pic of all your fast passes or screen record them!

  5. This actually happened to me on Saturday 2/8/2020, I called and was changed back to Smugglers Run and given a multiple experience pass for our time. Then Sunday it had changed again to Muppet Vision so I called and the put in a specialty Smugglers Run fast pass for any time on our day.

  6. After being changed to muppet vision 3d , i called and they gave me a MMSR anytime fastpass… it looks like a fastpass just doesnt have a time.

  7. These changes to fast passes in early March happened just after Disney Hollywood Studios changed their operating hours from 9 am to 8 am. Then, 8 am fast passes became available and folks started to have new opportunities for Tier 1 fast passes as well as Tier 2. I had a fast pass for Smugglers run at 8 am convert to an anytime fast pass that includes the Tier 1 rides except Mickey and Mickey Runaway Ride. Then I booked 8 am Tower of Terror FP, only to have it convert to a Tier 2 anytime fast pass a few hours later. Then, I booked Toy story midway mania around 8 am and it also converted to a tier 2 anytime fast pass in a few hours. It appears the fast passes in 8 am area appear to now be removed. These changes happened for two of my dates- March 8 and March 10. I expect fast pass lines to be long that week with many people receiving anytime fast passes due to operational issues with 8 am fast passes.

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