New Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Board Game To Hit Shelves Summer 2020

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For those of you missing the dad jokes and terrifying hippos of the Jungle Cruise, we have some great news. A Jungle Cruise board game will be available to purchase soon, meaning you’ll be able to make Jungle Cruise memories at home!


Ravensburger, which also produced the Disney Villainous board game, will release the Jungle Cruise Adventure Game in June 2020. It is a 2–4-person game where players will navigate a river to pick up passengers and cargo — all while keeping their boat, cargo and passengers safe. Players will also find and gather clues to determine who will lead the Jungle Exploration Company.

The game is likely being released to help build excitement for the upcoming “Jungle Cruise” movie, which will also release in summer 2020.

The Jungle Cruise Adventure Game will retail for $29.99.


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Mandy, yes, that one
Mandy, yes, that one
1 year ago

Start planning this year’s marathon show! This has to be a segment!