PHOTOS: New “Mulan” Minnie Ear Headband Brings Honor to Us All at Disneyland

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It’s been a busy week for mouse ear headbands. Just after the release of the Mickey balloon ear headband, we found a pair of beautiful red Minnie Mouse ears at Disneyland Resort.

disneyland-mulan-ears-02-23-2020-1.jpg disneyland-mulan-ears-02-23-2020-2.jpg

This new set of ears is themed to Mulan, who will have her live action story told when it hits theaters March 27. The ears are very unique!


The headband and ears themselves have a red, silk flower print. On top of the ears, there are gold symbols. The inside of the headband is a beige velvet material.


A blue bow sits in the middle of the ears, with a green bow and folded fan behind it. We love the detailing of this ear headband: the fan has Chinese characters on it.



In the middle of the bow is a metal medallion featuring a fierce silver dragon (sadly, like the upcoming film, it doesn’t involve Mushu).



The green bow is even more prominent on the back side of the ears.


We found the Mulan Minnie Mouse ear headband at the Mad Hatter in Disneyland Park for $29.99.

Will you make room in your collection for a new set of Minnie Mouse ears?

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Elise Dwight

At Walt Disney World, you can catch Elise perusing the Minnie Mouse ear selection or drinking a lapu lapu at the Poly. She has a lifelong fascination with all modes of Disney transport and is looking forward to trying her luck as a Disney bus driver when she retires in 2050. Contact Elise at [email protected]

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Really wish they would have gathered inspiration from the animated movie. I figured they would be releasing a new headband based on mulan for the movie, but I was hoping it would have her comb a song part of the bow. Will not be purchasing these—I’m disappointed.


I’m really surprised no one has ever mentioned that the metallic-looking dragon has a pointed chin that digs painfully into your scalp when you put these ears on. Has no one tried these on? Bummer, because I was excited to finally have representation in official ear merch.

Disney Ohana
Disney Ohana

I think it depends on how you wear it. We’ve seen that complaint but if you don’t put it on too snugly, it should be okay.

Kimberly Tran
Kimberly Tran

chinese people can’t wear green on our heads :( its bad luck


the Chinese character on the right ears is UPSIDE DOWN