PHOTOS: New “Fantasia” 80th Anniversary Dooney & Bourke Bags and Spell-Binding Dress Arrive at Walt Disney World

It’s been 80 years since Walt Disney’s masterpiece Fantasia first filled the big screen with fantastical animation set to classical music. In honor of this important anniversary, new spell-binding Fantasia merchandise has arrived at Walt Disney World, including a collection of Dooney & Bourke bags and a new dress. Let’s take a closer look at these magical new items!

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Dooney & Bourke 80th Anniversary Fantasia Tote – $268.00

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Printed on navy leather, this tote uses an Art Deco aesthetic to represent memorable moments from Fantasia. On the front of the bag, Mickey takes centerstage, happily directing broomsticks to carry water. On the right side is an image from “The Pastoral Symphony” with a baby pegasus sitting outside of a small Greek temple. On the left side, an elephant from “Dance of the Hours” blows bubbles. Dancing flowers line the bottom of the bag. The tote includes a beautiful tan leather tag that reads, “Walt Disney Fantasia 80 Years of Music & Magic!”

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On the back of the tote, Yen Sid from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” peruses a spell book. Fantasia‘s infamous demon, Chernabog, looms large over a fiery cliff. From “Dance of the Hours,” Madame Upanova, leader of the ostrich ballet, stands beside a grimacing Ben Ali Gator. A chorus line of Hyacinth Hippos in tutus dance across the bottom of the bag.

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The bag’s seams are lined in a contrasting caramel leather.

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The tote has a zipper across the top. The interior is lined with bright red fabric and has leather trimmed pockets for storing valuables.

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Dooney & Bourke 80th Anniversary Fantasia Crossbody Bag – $198.00

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The crossbody bag is covered in a pattern of iconic Fantasia characters, including Sorcerer Mickey, a baby pegasus, an elephant, and an assortment of dancing creatures. It also comes with the same leather tag as the tote bag.

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The bag’s exterior has a large pocket with a zipper and the interior also has multiple small pockets. The bag has a long adjustable strap ensuring the perfect crossbody fit.

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Dooney & Bourke 80th Anniversary Fantasia Wristlet – $98.00

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The final bag in the collection is a wristlet, perfect for packing just the essentials on a night out. It’s covered in the same pattern as the crossbody bag and has a large tan leather trim at the top by the zipper. The bag’s short leather strap can be attached to the zipper or to the ring on the opposite side of the bag.

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The wristlet’s interior has a large pocket that’s an ideal size for stashing cards or cash.

Fantasia Dress by The Dress Shop – $128.00

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In addition to the collection of Dooney & Bourke bags, a Fantasia dress has magically appeared. The form fitting dress is a lovely dark blue and covered in an Art Deco inspired fan pattern. At the bottom of the dress is imagery also found on the Dooney & Bourke bags, such as Mickey with the water-carrying broomsticks and dancing flowers. Hypacinth Hippo and Madame Upanova are also prominently displayed in the dress’s design.

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The dress’ bust is elegantly draped to create a flattering V-neckline.

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We found the dress and the new Dooney & Bourke bags at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom. If you’re interested in even more Fantasia accessories, check out the jewelry collection that was released last month. What do you think of the new Fantasia merchandise? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I am in love with everything – especially the dress! Where can I find out more about this. I would so much like to purchase this BEFORE I return home! But because I am one of those large size gals, not everything comes in my size and I am turned away in tears ….. :( Can you face me in the right direction of where to start…….thank you in advance for my adventure to come…………and yes our vacation is planned!

  2. Does anyone know of these items can be purchased online. The bag and dress? We visited last year from UK but sadly can’t get back every year.

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