PHOTOS: A Special Look at the Duffy & Friends Monorail Liner on Tokyo Disney Resort’s Disney Resort Line

It’s hard to ignore Duffy the Disney Bear and his friends! Especially if you’re visiting the Disney resorts in Asia. Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, StellaLou, and CookieAnn have taken over Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai’s resorts with massive success. And since CookieAnn was just introduced back on December 26th, Tokyo Disney Resort is celebrating with a special Duffy & Friends Monorail Liner on the Disney Resort Line! Since January 10th, this special train has made our Duffy dreams come true, and it’ll be here through May 31st. All six cars feature Duffy decor, down to the seat upholstery! Every car is themed to a different Duffy friend. It’s as cute as it sounds, I promise. So let’s take a closer look at how every car looks.


The front cars of the monorail feature Duffy and CookieAnn sharing a waffle, with sweets ornamenting car two.

And on the back, we can’t forget StellaLou, Gelatoni (our favorite), and ShellieMay. I wonder if she’s jealous from all the attention CookieAnn’s been getting?

Duffy the Disney Bear Car

Duffy’s car features themes of nautical equipment, appropriate to his home in Cape Cod at Tokyo DisneySea. And yes, the seats are upholstered with the same material that Duffy dolls are made from. Duffy’s design features in the front and back cars of the monorail.

One of the best features in each car is the handle covers. Also made from Duffy’s same material, by the way.

“Duffy lives in Cape Cod. Minnie made him for Mickey to take on voyages around the world.” Duffy’s backstory is pretty straightforward, don’t ya think?


ShellieMay, true to her name, features shell iconography throughout her car. The windows and upper walls feature seashells like the one she wears on her neck.

Her straps feature her trademark bow, along with the appropriate material. So cute!

“This is ShellieMay. She lives in Cape Cod and always happily plays with Duffy.” Kinda leaves out the whole girlfriend thing, doesn’t it?


Our favorite little kitty, Gelatoni’s windows feature motifs of paint and art supplies. He got a bit creative with these designs, don’t you think?

These are probably my favorite of all the straps. Not just because they’re Gelatoni, but also because they feature his ears and his signature beret!

“This is Gelatoni. He lives in Mediterranean Harbor and loves to draw pictures.” And he’s the best of them all, don’t you forget!


StellaLou the ballerina bunny’s car features ribbons and stars, matching her motif of showbiz. The upper walls feature stars with flowers and ballerina shoes in them!

Her straps are pretty cute as well, with her ears and signature bow.

“This is StellaLou. Her dream is to become a dancer and performer in New York.” Isn’t that the dream of every aspiring theater nerd? You go, girl!


CookieAnn’s car features motifs of baking, including utensils and delicious treats in the windows and upper walls! Her inscription on the side, which we missed, says “This is CookieAnn, Duffy’s friend. Coming up with new recipes and ideas – that’s her favorite thing to do! My nose knows! Sniff, sniff ‘I have an idea!’ What new things will you try?”

And her strap features her adorable puppy ears and a mini-version of her chef’s hat.

Isn’t the new Duffy & Friends Monorail Liner adorable? If you want to experience this incredible overlay, it runs on the Disney Resort Line through May 31st! There’s no set times of day when it runs, so it’ll just come down to pure luck and watching what trains are running, unfortunately. Which car is your favorite? Or which Duffy friend is your favorite? Either way, let us know below or on Twitter!

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