PHOTOS: New Pathway Open; Construction Walls Down Around Taste Track in Future World East at EPCOT

With construction walls coming and going all across EPCOT, we’re taking each day path by path. With a new split rope-drop procedure now in place, what side you pick (East or West) will greatly impact your initial plans for the day, so it’s wise to keep on top of all the new pathways opening to you can optimize your touring strategy. On top of all that, there are new eateries opening up soon, like Taste Track Burgers & Fries, so today, we take a look at the latest progress on that as well.

While the area surrounding Taste Track and Cool Wash has been walled off and fully under construction for some time now, smaller segments of the now-expanded Future World East walkway have opened.

You’ll walk past the Future World East bathrooms and service animal relief area that are both still under construction.

The pathway leads you to Taste Track (which has yet to open) and Cool Wash.

This area also leads out to the Future World East pathway that recently reopened. You’ll know from the futuristic new light fixtures.

As you can see, construction walls have been fully supplanted by planters near Taste Track, signaling its upcoming opening… despite many delays.

The pathway also links to the Wall-E Family Play Zone, which peeks out over behind the now-closed former MouseGear.

You can take this pathway back out to what remains of Future World, namely a bunch of Festival booths, the Expression Section, and the now-closed Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. This pathway also connects to Test Track, which is still under refurbishment for the next few days, as well as the EPCOT Experience, eventually leading out to World Showcase.

Are you looking forward to grabbing lunch at Taste Track? Check out the menu here.

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