Walt Disney World Officially Confirms Epcot Name Change to EPCOT as Part of Park’s Transformation

Jessica Figueroa

Walt Disney World Officially Confirms Epcot Name Change to EPCOT as Part of Park’s Transformation

Jessica Figueroa

37 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Officially Confirms Epcot Name Change to EPCOT as Part of Park’s Transformation”

  1. The lower case makes it look like a word instead of an acronym. I like the uppercase. On 1/19/2020 my daughter and I hit all 4 parks in one day with a sign and I made sure the logo was recent.

  2. I puked in my mouth when Disney promoted the tag-line, “Epcot, the Discovery Park”. That was a sad day as was the mutilation they did to Spaceship Earth with adding the 2000 Sorcerer’s wand. Then that evolved into just Epcot being emblazoned over Spaceship Earth like a cheap t-shirt and that was even worse.

    I will always have a fondness for the name EPCOT Center; but I am pleased we’re back to the word EPCOT in caps again. And the fact that they seem to be reverting to the nearly original font and iconography is just icing on the cake. While I don’t agree with all of the changes that are happening at EPCOT, I can support these decisions. It’s just unfortunate that Disney never kept the park’s original expansion vision in place, e.g. a second ring of World Showcase countries and Future World pavilions that truly evolved with the times.

    It seems like everything old is new again… the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland seems to be reverting back to the 70’s optimistic future look and EPCOT’s entrance seems to be a carbon copy of the original entrance. Gee, did John Hench and the other original Imagineer’s seem to know what they were doing all along…I guess the proof is in the pudding.

  3. This is an ok change, unlike the announced catastrophe of ruining Cinderella castle, which I hope will never happen.

  4. I can see using upper case letters for EPCOT, since Walt said it stood for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”. But the mostly lower case design shown near the top of this article is much more creative looking than the new upper case design.

  5. I personally think the name change makes a lot of sense. EPCOT is my favorite Disney park for the events and festivals that takes place, along with the themeing and the idea of a better tommorow with improving our life styles from technology. Some even like to call it IPCOT to poke fun at how Guardians of the Galaxy and other films takes over the land as EPCOT had original attractions that weren’t based off of the movies by Disney, but honestly as long as the core of EPCOT continues to be in the park for celebrating the cultures of different parts of the world, and the importance of building a better community of tomorrow, I don’t mind if they dress their messages through the use of Star Lord or CoCo.

  6. I wonder what it cost to make all the sign changes? Maybe if they had not spent money on a font change, park pass prices did not need to be raised.

  7. Was always EPCOT to me 😁 Never Should have changed it… glad we are getting it back even without the Center !!!

  8. Was just there last week and it looked and felt like EPCOT was the evil step child of Walt Disney World parks. It was like the “hood” of Disney; dirty, no clean sidewalks or bathrooms and the rides that were open needed updating! The countries were lovely, but the rest of the park was a major disappointment.

  9. To be honest I did not know it changed. I always thought it was EPCOT. I think it is a way to honor Walt because it is what he wanted that park to be.

  10. When we visited EPCOT for the first time in June 1983, we were told by one of the customer relations personnel that Walt’s plans encased the park under a dome where the weather could be controlled year round. As a result, the park was named EPCOT for Environmental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. After Walt’s death, that part of the plans was scrapped due to what it would cost and the acronym was changed to Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, which really doesn’t make sense. Experimental Prototype of what???

  11. It’s not a name change. Nothing will be different. It’s just Epcot. Absolutely nobody will ever type it all caps besides you guys, and seriously, you shouldn’t either. Just because DISNEY is getting whacked out doesn’t you show follow.

    • It was a theme park from the first day it opened. I suggest you find a different hobby if you don’t agree with it.

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