RUMOR: Complimentary Bread to be Discontinued at Multiple Table Service Restaurants in Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

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RUMOR: Complimentary Bread to be Discontinued at Multiple Table Service Restaurants in Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

Updated on:

RUMOR: Complimentary Bread to be Discontinued at Multiple Table Service Restaurants in Walt Disney World

You’d be surprised, but at certain table service restaurants across property, what really stands out is the complimentary bread service, be it the doughy pull-apart bread from Coral Reef in EPCOT or the rolls from The Hollywood Brown Derby, served with butter that’s delicately speckled with pink Himalayan salt.

With price increases affecting everything from Annual Passes, to park tickets, and of course, dining at the parks and resorts, guests are having to reanalyze their vacation plans in anticipation of higher costs. Now there’s one rumored change coming that, while small, marks a big shift in Disney Dining: the possible removal of complimentary bread at table-service restaurants.

coral reef epcot little mermaid review 25
A lovely basket of warm, soft, complimentary bread rolls.

The first reports of the discontinued bread service came from Coral Reef, in fact, where Cast Members were informing guests today that the lack of bread was due to it being slowly phased out from restaurants. The General Manager at the restaurant later informed us that all table service restaurants in EPCOT were no longer serving bread with your meal as of Sunday, which was their last day offering it.

At first, we believed it had to be tied to a shortage of some kind, until Cast Members at Mama Melrose’s (in Disney’s Hollywood Studios) also confirmed that there have been talks amongst management to pull complimentary bread service from select restaurants. As of today, certain restaurants, like Mama Melrose’s, still has bread on offer, but it’s still unknown how long complimentary bread service would remain at restaurants, if at all. The situation might also be different when it comes to Signature Dining restaurants, as Cast Members at The Hollywood Brown Derby hadn’t even heard of the recent changes.

Photo May 23 12 29 40 AM
A plate of deliciously moist and (formerly) complimentary bread from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.

Complimentary bread will still be served at Magic Kingdom table-service restaurants that currently offer it, and the change is not meant to affect resort restaurants––yet. (Update: Cast Members from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant have also confirmed that complimentary bread and olive oil is no longer offered there and has since been replaced with a basket of Garlic Knots that cost $9.)

If true, the removal of the traditional complimentary bread service from restaurants would lower the value of already high-priced table-service meals even further at the parks and resorts, and while bread isn’t going to make or break a meal necessarily, it’s basically a staple at most restaurants, even basic chain restaurants off-property. One would expect better at a premier vacation destination such as Walt Disney World, but in a timeline packed with budget cuts, this is just another one. At least there’s still cornbread at Boatwright’s.

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  1. It has hit Magic Kingdom also. Last week Tonys no longer offered their breadsticks. Very sad about this.

  2. This is ridiculous! It better stay an unconfirmed rumor. 😁 Sometimes the bread is the best part of the meal.

  3. This is unreal. Disney has hit an all time low with this move! You mean you won’t even get some bread at restaurants costing big bucks already? Who are the kidding, nothing was “complimentary”. You paid dearly for it already. We were Passholders for years until recently. With all the price increases and less service, Disney is no longer a destination we will be visiting. Greed has hit a new high. Walt never imagined a park like this. Sad.

    • “Disney has hit an all time low with this move!”

      “Disney is no longer a destination we will be visiting. Greed has hit a new high. Walt never imagined a park like this.”

      And all because they removed bread.

      • No because you are already nicked and dimed by the resort. It’s like a slap in the face to people who spend $10 to $12k to go there. They are like the government, squeezing ever dollar they can from you. It’s sad. Nothing wrong with making a buck, but it looks bad.

      • The ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ is now ‘the bread roll that takes away annual passholders’

      • See what happens when the garden grocery delivery is delayed by a wreck on I-94 and the Pillsbury crescent rolls don’t get to the restaurant on time

      • Are you serious? It’s not just bc of the removal of bread it is so much more, so misinformed. Price increases across the board, bad customer service, ride closures, entertainment cuts and a general feeling that people are not getting what they pay for is what people are upset about. Maybe the next budget cut will remove silverware or maybe plates….but that wouldn’t be a problem. It would be just as magical eating with your hands right? Actually, forget it you will prob keep spreading pixie dust with all the other fanboys/girls while waiting 120 mins to ride Peter Pan and crying during Happily Ever After. Ahh the Disney Magic

  4. Free bread really isnt free they work in the cost of the bread with the pricing of the rest of the menu so to keep food costs reasonable u either start charging for the bread or 86 all together.

    • Except that Disney already charges a 50%-75% premium for the same meal you could get for much less…INCLUDING BREAD elsewhere.

  5. Wait, this means no pretzel bread at Le Cellier?! How do you expect me to eat the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup?! Thanks Chapek.

  6. Bread was not offered at Tony’s this week – I always loved the bread there. When I asked I was told they stopped serving it two weeks ago and it would not be coming back. Unfortunate

  7. Disney can take what they want but if they touch my Boathouse honey butter rolls I will start a riot.

    • I came here and searched the page for the keyword “boat” to make sure The Boathouse wasn’t included. Phew!

    • I recommend going there now before boathouse gets the “chapek” touch, maybe he is reading these comments? Who knows

  8. Disney is a struggling mom and pop company. I support this move as long as we can keep the under-attended parks afloat.

  9. Can the bread be purchased from the menu, or are they totally and completely not making it anymore?

  10. That’s just great. They expect people to pay more for less. Hmm, wonder how that’s gonna work out.

  11. If Chefs de France stops serving baguettes, it should be forced to drop “France” from its name

  12. This is just bad. You go olivgarden and get feaking breadsticks. So I can get some bread in what supose to be the best vacation destination. Well In wonder if universal studios would do this. This is low class. Not a good look.

  13. This news is the dumbest thing Disney could do — except forcing paying customers to wake up at 5 am to be somewhere for a new space ride that breaks down almost every day!

    • Wow — I had no idea they were going into guest rooms and dragging people out of bed at 5 AM, attaching them to a chain gang, and dragging them to Hollywood Studios! That sure is dedication.

      You’re paying for access to the park, not access to a specific ride, not access to whatever you want, not to have the world handed to you. Get over yourself.

  14. I’ve eaten at all the places mentioned and never noticed I had complimentary bread so I’m guessing I’ll survive this.

  15. All about the $, as if the admission cost and the cost of the meal isn’t enough….now you take a small freebie away. Getting shameful and greedy.

  16. All Disney’s is doing price gouging. The prices are high enough already both the restaurants and park admission, This is all greed and they are cheapening the Disney experience. They make enough. Stop the nickel and dime charges.

  17. Thank the “gluten free” and “keto diet” groups. Bread was being thrown out and wasted. Why serve something that will just go into the garbage. You can buy bread service at some restaurants or just ask for bread and a manager. The “squeaky wheel get the grease” adage works.

    • I agree. The I hope everyone researches what they are using to fuel their bodies because bread is not the enemy. The grease/oil in the above comment may be what is confusing digestion in the pancreas, not the carbohydrates.

  18. Really low Disney. We already are paying over inflated prices to eat in WDW. Cutting out bread at TS restaurants is a new low.

  19. Sounds like time for a boycott. A few weeks of half-full restaurants and they’ll be begging people to eat their “free” bread.

  20. With the prices they charge, this should not happen. Food at Disney it’s not that good and overpriced. Just the top restaurants are worth the price. But hey, It’s Disney and in here anything goes.

  21. Why would Disney do this? It saves them virtually “nil” in their bottom line and it only results in bad press. If this is the way you’re going to run your parks, Mr. Chapek, your reign as CEO is going to be short-lived.

  22. Complimentary bread service produces a tremendous amount of food waste. People don’t eat it and it’s thrown away. Those who do shove it down their throats with abandon tend to not finish their meals and throw those away. Both of which are not only expensive, but devastating to a world with serious food shortages and soaring food costs. Eliminating it controls food costs, minimizes waste, and lessens the resort’s carbon footprint.

    I can’t believe I’m seeing so many grown adults throwing a temper tantrum because they can’t stuff their mouths full of free bread because they feel like they’re sticking it to Disney by filling up on something they don’t directly pay for. So many low class people swarming Disney these days. It’s a serious bummer for those of us who know how to behave in public.

  23. Times must be tough at WDW. What’s next. ..I’m sorry this is a table services restaurant not a table and chair service restaurant. It you want a chair they are available at 2 meal credit restaurants only…

  24. Keep it up Disney. Another reason to drive people away. Not classy. You can’t tell me that bread is not already built into the price. Cheap, cheap, cheap

  25. I live an hour away and wouldn’t be caught dead on this property. Their continual money grab on almost everything is an insult to their customers. It’s like let’s see how stupid our customers are and how much they are willing to pay as we lessen the experience. They wont admit it but I believe they have enlarged their maximum capacity per park.

  26. I think it’s hilarious how upset people are over the loss of bread. The park food quality is poor and the cost is outrageous anyway. The only in-park restaurant worth a visit is Tiffins. It’s great!
    You might as well go to Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill on Apopka Vineland if bread is such a major factor in a meal. These comments are so American.

  27. Disney is out of control with their prices. People would have a better vacation for less money by choosing somewhere else.

  28. Or maybe, people just don’t want bread with their meal anymore. I’m surprised when it *is* served at most restaurants.

  29. As someone who doesn’t eat wheat, gluten or any grains this news doesn’t bother me. In fact it’s actually a good thing for people with significant wheat/gluten allergies as it’s one less chance for accidental contamination. However I will admit the trend of cost cutting and price increases thoughout the parks (WDW) hasn’t gone unnoticed. We used to attend 1-2 times a year with annual passes and a 3 hour place ride, but now the over-all cost is such that we are skipping at least one year before the next visit.

  30. How about we just vote with our wallets and show them how much money we can save by going somewhere else?

  31. Not a good decision by WDW upper management in my opinion. Why do I say this. The kids. The reason many of us go to Disney. Kids are such picky eaters that some times the bread is the basic part of their meal. Must say reconsidering taking 10k to take family this year. Might just stay local. Maybe sign up for a bread making class at the junior college.

  32. Went to Kona Cafe in Polynesian for dinner on 3/3, got complementary bread at the beginning without asking.

  33. Why not burgers without buns, like everything else more money for less product. Everything is about the bottom line. I could go on but I’ll just make myself ill.

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