Disney+ Adds New Themed Collections to “The Simpsons” Episode Catalogue

According to the Orange County Mayor, Walt Disney World could be closed through early June… which means only one thing, folks. It’s time to get some serious Olympic-style binge watching accomplished throughout this quarantine. Thankfully, Disney+ is here to help us bring home the gold. Not only will you find each and every episode of the beloved “The Simpsons” series available on the popular streaming service, but they have recently organized the colossal catalog. That’s right, now you can search by theme.

Let’s face it, options are fun when it comes to how you choose to view. So, whether you tune in to Homer and the gang in chronological order or by exploring collections such as The Simpsons Predict, The Simpsons Travel, The Simpsons Rock, or The Simpsons Sports… you really can’t go wrong. Either way, shorts will be eaten!

Are you watching “The Simpsons” on Disney+ or sticking to Disney classics? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

this is cool and all but I’m still over here waiting for a collection that organizes the mcu in chronological watch order

Adrian Garza
Adrian Garza
1 year ago

Now that’s a nice update; I’m surprised they didn’t include halloween specials 👻