Updated Florida COVID-19 Projection Model Suggests “Relaxed Social Distancing” Possible After June 1

According to new data from the Florida Health COVID-19 projection model, Florida has since passed the peak of COVID-19 daily deaths, meaning that after June 1, relaxing social distancing may be possible with containment strategies that include testing, contact tracing, isolation, and limiting gathering sizes.

Yesterday, the White House issued new federal guidelines for the “Opening Up America Again” effort, listing the three phases each state will eventually go though before clearing Phase 3, which would be considered life after a COVID-19 vaccine or at the very least a full drop-off in cases. In our analysis of the new guidelines, it isn’t until the state enters Phase Two that we’d imagine the parks could somewhat reopen, with Non-Essential Travel resuming at that time, and only moderate social distancing required. You can read our full analysis of the new guidelines here.

Do note that Walt Disney World remains closed “until further notice” and that the June 2 date is not necessarily indicative of a potential reopening date.

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Jason K
Jason K
1 year ago

Can time go faster!?😔

1 year ago

They can’t open the parks and limit it to 250 people therefore it will be way longer then June more like September

Tom Corless
1 year ago
Reply to  Michelle

Theme parks are very different from sports venues as they are instead a collection of venues (stores, restaurants, rides, etc.). I think it’s safe to say they’ll open in the summer, just in a form very different from normal. If your local mall is open, a theme park can open.