Disney Reportedly Hoping to Cast Karen Gillan as Lead in New “Pirates of the Caribbean” Reboot


Karen Gillan photo from BBC america

Disney Reportedly Hoping to Cast Karen Gillan as Lead in New “Pirates of the Caribbean” Reboot

Ever since news broke that Disney was exploring the possibility of revisiting the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise back in 2018, we’ve been excitedly awaiting more details on the reboot to wash ashore. Although very limited information about the production has floated up from Davy Jones’ Locker so far, a new tale was reported today, offering hope that the saga might be sailing ahead.

It was revealed in October 2018 that Johnny Depp will no longer be portraying his iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the reboot. Whether or not the role will still exist in the new stories is unclear, however this week it has been reported that another actor is currently being eyed for a starring role in the movie.

According to comicbook.com, the Scottish actress Karen Gillan is currently wanted by Disney to portray a leading role in a new “Pirates” movie. Gillan is not unfamiliar with The Walt Disney Company, being well-known for her portrayal of Nebula in Marvel’s “Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies.

Karen Gillan photo from BBC america
Karen Gillan (Image Credit: BBC America)
Guardians of the Galaxy Set Interview Karen Gillan Nebula
Gillan as Nebula in “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Comicbook.com mentioned long-standing rumors that the new “Pirates” story could follow Redd, the iconic female character in the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions in the Disney Parks. Since it’s definitely worth noting here that Gillan herself is a redhead, this could be a clue as to whether this theory is true. After all, back in March 2018 Redd had her own plot-twist as her scene was rebooted aboard the classic Walt Disney World and Disneyland attractions, so maybe her trajectory could be made into a movie? She has already had a whole line of merchandise and color-trend named after her in the parks, so a movie sounds like a good option to try out.

We want the redhead scene DL Pirates 3
Redd in the original auction scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction

We’ll have to keep all ears on deck as we await more information on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” reboot. In the meantime, what do you think about Karen Gillan taking a leading role?

Featured image: BBC America

16 thoughts on “Disney Reportedly Hoping to Cast Karen Gillan as Lead in New “Pirates of the Caribbean” Reboot”

  1. Oh god. ANOTHER feminist movie? I already can’t stand the change made to the rides, I definitely don’t want to see this “new” character as a lead in a movie. I’m a woman, btw.

    Hasn’t Disney learnt their lesson on blatantly injecting identity politics into their movies after the second and third Star Wars reboot bombs?

    Karen Gillan is also a mediocre actress. Another fail for Disney on the horizon.

    • I actually like Karen Gillan but given Disney’s recent reputation for political agendas and the fact that it has not been long enough since the Johnny Depp movies I think this will fail unfortunately.

    • I definitely think Red the Pirate could have been executed better (her costume and her voice feel very out of place in the ride). However, I like the idea of her. I think it’s cool to pay homage to female pirates such as Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

      In terms of identity politics, I personally think this was done because of the growing problem of human trafficking. The rest of the stuff happening in the ride is fun because we know we are never going to get attacked by pirates. But as a northerner who hears stories of how easily girls are taken from their families and whisked across the Canadian border, the redhead scene was definitely not as much fun as it used to be.

  2. Man she is HOT!!!!! With that though still sucks that they changed THE RED HEAD!!!! That should not have happened.

  3. More Pirates movies are fine with me and a break from Captain Jack could give new life to the series. The original movie is great and the others have some moments. If Disney is going to prioritize established franchise focused feature films then making ones with new characters is at least might have some originality. Could even make the ride more enjoyable if they pull it off.

  4. While I question how well the film would turn out if they go this route, it is easy to see why they would consider it. Redd is already in the attraction, so they wouldn’t need to change anything to tie in with the film!

  5. Pirates just needs one movie to end it good then leave it be no reboots or remakes leave to end on a uhgh note for once and for all.

  6. Last I heard this was not still happening. After more evidence surfaced against Amber Heard in the Johnny Depp case, it appears he is back in their favor and they are planning on finishing up what they started with POTC 5. However, I will say that talk of continuing the franchise is only slightly better than speculation at this point.

  7. I do not have a problem with a pirate movie featuring a female lead character. I don’t want to see it as a sequel to the original Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Make it so it can stand on its own without relying on the previous Pirates, One pirate movie featuring a female lead character that I really liked was CutThroat Island with Geena Davis in the starring role. The movie was largely panned but I loved it..Go Redd!!

  8. Sorry even as a fan of Karen since doctor who, I will not be a fan of her being a lead in a pirates movie, nor should they reboot it. It will never be complete without Johnny Depp

  9. I adore Karen Gillan and I love this idea. I prefer strong female leads in TV & films. Ripley, Sarah Connor, Wonder Woman, Buffy Summers, etc. The damsel in distress is incredibly outdated.

  10. Jack Sparrow is Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirates of the Caribbean is Captain Jack Sparrow. They should bring back all the original cast, the last film without them wasn’t the same, and even at the end of Salazar they introduced Keira Knightley and Orlando bloom, so would it not make sense to get things moving off from that point, because personally I was over the moon seeing them two characters being reprised. I wouldn’t mind if this new character is Captain Jack’s daughter or something. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE FOR ONCE WE WANT CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!!!!!

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