host a ghost jars

SHOP: The Haunted Mansion Host-A-Ghost Jars Now 75% Off on shopDisney

There’s no turning back now. The Host-A-Ghost jars, first released last September for the Haunted Mansion’s 50th anniversary, were originally selling for $59.99. Then last November, the happy haunts were 50% off. With the park closures, the spirit jars moved to shopDisney, where you could purchase them for $22.49.

Now, today’s 30% off code allows you to bring home these hitchhiking ghosts for only $15.74, about 75% off the original price.

host a ghost jars

The two ghosts left to host are hitchhiker Gus and The Hatbox Ghost.

host a ghost hitchhiker gus

These magical, interactive jars light up, make sounds, and show the visage of the ghost that you have become caretaker for.

host a ghost hitchhiker gus
host a ghost hatbox ghost

Both spirit jars come with a charm on a chain that you can hang on the jar or use to decorate another part of your home.

Madame Leota’s laugh is also activated when you move the jars. You can check out the full collection––and how it works––in the video below:

The 30% off code EXTRA30 can be applied to multiple shopDisney items, but this deal in particular is too good to pass up. There’s always room for one more ghost in a collection. Which one of these spirits will be following you home? Gus or The Hatbox Ghost?

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