BREAKING: No Virtual Queues or Single Rider Upon Walt Disney World Theme Park Reopening, Including Rise of the Resistance

With the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks set to reopen beginning with the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom on July 11th, the main question that’s been on everyone’s mind is how are attractions going to work?

This morning, we got a full list of all of the attractions, shopping and entertainment offerings that would be available for each park, but that still didn’t answer our question as to how all of this would be achieved.

The answer to our question is simple: stand-by queues only. Today, it was announced that no virtual queues or single rider lines will be available upon the parks reopening; not even for Rise of the Resistance located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. FastPass+ also will not be offered during the reopening and the additional queue space will be used to help maintain social distancing.

While this information hasn’t been posted online for Guests yet, the information has been given to Cast Members.

Of course, follow along with us here at WDWNT as we continue to cover the Disney parks reopening around the world.

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  1. So we’ve come full circle. We started with a single queue line and we’re back to a single queue line.

    Perhaps we might find that this is the best way to experience the parks. A true vacation in the sense that we don’t have to live or die by an agenda.

  2. What will they be doing for special needs guests who are not able to use the regular queue?

  3. If you go by yourself, or if you have a small child who can’t ride a ride, and you would normally use rider switch, what then? Can you not ride some rides with a party of one? Or will you be the only one in the ride vehicle, and you just use standby?

  4. What is the theory behind no fast pass? Wouldnt having schedules for riders give them a better idea of volumes?

  5. I noticed Rise was not on your list for attractions to reopen. That would makes sense with all the interactive CMs and all.

  6. I will believe it when I see it. They have been so Mickey moused on how they are gonna shaft pass holders it makes me sick

  7. Well, at least some good news. But I’m still curious to know how they’ll social-distance the rides themselves. While most rides in general didn’t sit parties with parties to begin with, what about the rows behind and in front of you?

  8. That is surprising. I would have thought that virtual queues would have be the way to handle the crowds. My thought was that they could manage the dispersal of the crowd by using virtual queue assignments.

  9. I would think virtual ques for most of the rides would help maintain social distancing, if anything. Huh.

  10. Putting the masks debate aside, the lack of fast passes is a big deal. I can’t imagine why anyone, outside of people with annual passes that would otherwise go to waste, will go to Disney World this year. With no fast passes, no shows, and no fireworks, the experience will be significantly impacted. Fast passes changed the game for parks like Disney, getting us all out of line so we could better enjoy the day. And they made much higher ticket prices worth it, because we could ride more rides. I remember the lines of the early 2000’s before fast passes, and heck no I won’t go back unless ticket prices are cut in half to account for the amount of time I would be standing in line.

    At some point, the Orlando government’s coffers will run so low from lack of tax revenue due to limiting Disney attendance that they will have to allow the benefits justifying high prices to be restored with full capacity. I look forward to being there the day that happens and the Disney I know is back. But not until then.

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