First Look at New Theme Park Reservation System for Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

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First Look at New Theme Park Reservation System for Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

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First Look at New Theme Park Reservation System for Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Just when we all thought we were FastPass and MaxPass experts; professionals of the ins-and-outs of dining reservations and room bookings at Disney Parks, the rug has been pulled out from under us with the introduction of the all-new Theme Park Reservation system at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Disney has yet to release additional information on the new system, or how the system will exactly work, but a new thread on the WDWMagic forums reveals what the online reservation system will most likely look like at both resorts:

disneyland reservation beta wdwmagic forum 1

The screenshots were posted by well-known member flutas on WDWMagic’s Disneyland Resort forum, later boosted by Scott Gustin on Twitter. You’ll notice at the top that there’s a distinction between Single Ticket Reservations and Resort Guest Reservations, signaling at potential priority for resort guests, or at least that they’ll be coded differently under the system. The rest of the sections, such as the “Know Before You Go” on checking in, are filled in with placeholder text. Reservations must be made for each park on each day, potentially signaling the end of park-hopping, at least for now. Reservations are date and time specific, with a confirmation number assigned to each, and the ability to email the confirmation as well as cancel the reservation on the page. Do note the small print at the bottom stating that if Passholders no-show for 3 reservations in a 90-day period, they will be unable to make new reservations for the next 30 days.

disneyland reservation beta wdwmagic forum 2

Reservations must be cancelled before 11:59 PM the day before the reservation is scheduled for.

disneyland reservation beta wdwmagic forum 4

Within each group, ticket holders are separated from Annual Passports, with a maximum of 4 reservation guests shown. You can see a section at the bottom for those “Unable to Reserve” due to an excess of reservations. Walt Disney World has already stated that the total reservation days held at one time by passholders will be limited.

disneyland reservation beta wdwmagic forum 3

As it still appears to be in beta testing, these screenshots are merely examples of what the Theme Park Reservation system may come to look like once it launches ahead of the theme park reopenings. While these screenshots are for Disneyland’s version of the reservation system, we expect a similar if not identical system to be used for Walt Disney World.

Featured Image: flutas via WDWMagic Forums

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8 thoughts on “First Look at New Theme Park Reservation System for Disneyland and Walt Disney World”

  1. My family and I are going to Disney World in December for 22 days. We are spending thousands of dollars on this vacation on top of already paying a Platinum Plus AP. Now, Disney is telling us that we are going to be limited on the amount of days we’ll be able to visit the parks. It’s not worth it

  2. What does this mean for retired or active cast members who use main gates and will we be able to bring guest in.

  3. So do you think that means they will have one person per party make the reservation and then add party members to the same reservation at the time of making it or will each individual person need to make a reservation on their own? Also, how do people with tickets bought before the closure add those tickets to their account?

  4. Yeah, I ain’t going back to Disney World or Disneyland until EVERY SINGLE ONE of these sucky rules are taken down.

  5. This is fascinating. They just found a legit way to turn EVERYBODY’s passes into Flex passes with one fell swoope! It doesn’t surprise that guests staying on property get priority- the way they track things about each guest, it would be my guess that the more you have spent at Disney per trip, the higher you would rise on their priority list. Fascinating.

  6. Sitting on 6- three day park hopper passes purchased through the military pass sales which will STILL expire 12/18/20, coming to Disneyland from the Midwest, which requires a flight to get there. Will coordination circumstances be given any weight in placing reservations during re-opening?

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