Florida Governor Commends Universal Orlando on Virus Guidelines, States Similar Business Practices Will Keep Things Open

As new cases of COVID-19 approach 10,000, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated today that the state can keep businesses open while also controlling the spread of the virus. If guidelines are followed, like wearing masks, Gov. DeSantis and experts on the matter say the virus can be contained despite ballooning cases in Florida and other states where businesses have reopened.

DeSantis cited Universal Orlando as an example of guidelines being followed which allow for the theme park to be open during such an unprecedented time. Statements like this give rise to hope that Walt Disney World theme parks will reopen on time in mid-July despite Disneyland delaying their July 17th reopening.

Universal Orlando has enacted strict social distancing procedures to keep guests safe while visiting the resort which opened on June 5th. Amongst the changes made to the resort are the addition of virtual queues to attractions, the requirement of face coverings, and temperature screenings to enter the resort.

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  1. Masks are a false sense of security and you want to know why? Because I just got back from
    Orlando, and nobody at universal word that mask correctly, not even the worker!s! Everybody was touching the outside of their sweaty ass masks, moving them around because they’re uncomfortable, hot and sweaty.. no amount of shaming will fix this either because it’s not like people aren’t trying, they just simply cannot tolerate a hot and sweaty mask all day long so they move it around and pull it down to breath below the nose all day long in that hot and muggy weather this touching touching their sweat and then touching a million different surfaces. I bet if they bothered to do an actual test about this, they would find that by not wearing the mask was safer for other than wearing them. Just give people an option of masks or plastic head peace!

  2. It’s ironic, all the praise on how much has gone into making the guests feel safe with all of the outwardly visual appearing mandatory safety measures enacted meanwhile the behind the scenes vendors working on projects to keep bringing in those guests are not mandated to provide those same levels or types of protection to their employees and essentially their families. This falls on both the vendors/employers but also Universal for what they’re allowing to knowingly occur on their property. Guests and revenue are nice but ensuring the safety of those who are literally providing that experience should be just as important. Besides the morning temperature check, while higher positioned Universal employees are often waived through without participating, there are no safeguards enforced for the vendors’ employees working on upcoming attractions or seasonal events.

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