My Disney Experience Updates Cinderella Castle Art to New Paint Scheme Ahead of Walt Disney World Reopening

Ahead of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Magic Kingdom next year, it was announced that Cinderella Castle would be receiving a new paint job. We’ve been tracking this progress in real time, watching as our beloved castle slowly turned to a pink hue with bright, royal blue roofs and gold-dipped turrets. Now, the castle’s appearance has been updated on My Disney Experience:

In the video above, you’ll see that the castle looks just like the real-life castle in the park, albeit in a cartoon style. The sun shines, the clouds sway up and down and even the flags are moving as if they’re caught in a breeze.

Currently, you can see the new art when you log in to your My Disney Experience account via a mobile web browser.

It’s nice to see that the castle is at least cohesive across all of the platforms, real-life and digitally. Coincidentally, this new art is debuting just hours ahead of the launch of the new theme park reservation system, meaning guests may be placed “on hold” with this new page as they await their turn to make reservations.

What do you think of this update? Sound off in the comments below.

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Sammy West
Sammy West
10 months ago

not a fan, this isn’t sleeping beauty’s castle!

Bob Barker
Bob Barker
10 months ago

Just another broken attempt at their virtual cue…