PHOTOS: No Temperature Screenings Taking Place at Resort Hotels in Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS: No Temperature Screenings Taking Place at Resort Hotels in Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS: No Temperature Screenings Taking Place at Resort Hotels in Walt Disney World

Despite our excitement to be back and staying at Walt Disney World since the unprecedented COVID-19 closures shuttered the parks and resorts, in the process of checking in this morning, we noticed a stark component of the reopening missing. Since temperature checks have become standard procedure at Disney Springs, many assumed that similar screenings would be implemented at the resort hotels, however that’s not the case. Walt Disney World Resort hotels are currently not performing temperature checks.

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This is a stark contrast from hotels at Universal Orlando Resort, where guests undergo temperature screenings on a daily basis, with a colored wristband system to streamline entry into the theme parks and CityWalk. At Walt Disney World, guests are free to enter resorts, sans temperature checks.

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We checked into Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa earlier today and no temperature screening points were set up at any of the entrances.

the villas at disneys grand floridian resort reopening june 22 29
the villas at disneys grand floridian resort reopening june 22 32

There were still plenty of warning signs and health notices, plus hand sanitizer dispensers located throughout the property. Guests are currently “strongly recommended” to skip the Front Desk and instead opt for Online Check-in with Direct-to-Room Service to minimize contact.

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As we near the phased reopening of the theme parks starting on July 11, it’s likely we’ll see temperature screening areas established at monorail stations and other transportation hubs, along with resumed bag check (or the new contactless security system.)

What do you think of the lack of temperature screening at the resorts? Would you prefer open access or a temperature screening like that at Universal Orlando Resort? Sound off in the comments.

15 thoughts on “PHOTOS: No Temperature Screenings Taking Place at Resort Hotels in Walt Disney World”

  1. As weird as this sounds my only concern if they did temperature screening at the resort would be if you read high when you went to the theme park and weren’t allowed in and then read high when you got back to the resort would they not let you in? You gotta be able to rest up somewhere if you know what I mean? I’ve noticed if I’m out in the sun for a while my temperature reads higher so it would just be nice to be able to go back to my resort to cool off a bit.

  2. Not worried about temperature screening. If I was, I would not be visiting Disney. If you don’t feel safe, don’t go.

  3. This doesn’t bother me. So many people are asymptomatic to begin with, so while temp checks may weed out some potentially positive people, it isn’t going to catch them all. With that being said, I wouldn’t be bothered if they DID do the checks at resorts. But no, it does not freak me out if they aren’t.

  4. I knew all you wanted was to reopen and collect money. Disney, I’m calling you out as a parent, grandparent, and a local. You should be ashamed knowing how our cases are rising and seeing you be so neglectful in skipping over such an important element of controlling and monitoring corona virus by not taking temperatures makes me regret ever having brought 3 generations of my family to your parks, buying your memorabilia, and literally lying to all children as an educator in saying, “Disney is the happiest place on earth” because it’s not. Disney is proving daily that my loss of ticket money means nothing, my life and the lives of my children don’t concern you, your employees are miserable and unsure. We smart Floridians will sit back and watch you help the spread as we shake our heads in wonder on why anyone ever trusted you with their children! We will watch from today on the statistics on positive cases AFTER they visited you!

  5. In hindsight , perhaps cancelling my 7/3-7/5 reservation was a wise idea. That’s a good way to let a potential carrier of the coronavirus right in.

  6. I’d rather have temperature checks then to have to wear a mask! And I’d rather have some sort of way to indicate that I’ve already had Covid months ago and have the antibodies so I dont have to be inconvenience with the mask. I have to wear all day at work, I dont like that I’m having to go on vacation and have to wear it there too…no haters please!

  7. yes thwy should be temperature checking guests I sure hope they sanitizer the rooms real good before I get there Sunday

  8. This just shows again that Disney is completely putting their profit desires before any aspect of safety. Why would you push forward full speed with reopening all the parks in spite of Covid cases breaking new records in Florida and many areas of the country. This is just another reckless demonstration of how Disney has put greed before the safety and wellbeing of guests and cast members. We have already cancelled our annual passes and are so happy we have done so. Sorry Disney you have lost my family as guests by showing your greed and arrogance in this unprecedented time where caution and patience is warranted. I can already predict a slew of lawsuits from guests saying they were infected with Covid and you showed gross negligence. Get your lawyers ready.

  9. I like the idea of no temp checks. They are useless anyways. You could be a carrier of COVID and show no symptoms or high temps and still spread it to others. Or you could simply have a higher than normal reading due to having a common cold which I’m sure people will still visit the parks with a cold unfortunately. Common cold does not mean you have COVID. Also if you are not from Florida and use to the heat and humidity you may have a higher than normal temp as well as you are adjusting to the heat. I believe the temp checks are a waste of time, money and resources. I feel as though they won’t last long at any park to include Disney Springs as well as Universals Parks because they don’t prove anything.

  10. I think temperature checks are silly because we know that one of the most contagious periods of the disease is during the days (up to two weeks) before one develops any symptoms. So the lack of a fever is meaningless. Not to mention that one can be sick without having a fever and people can also take medicine to get rid of a fever. The temperature checks are meaningless.

  11. No I think it’s fantastic! Now only if they can do away with the mask rule to not be worn outside! That would be fantastic…!

  12. We know that there are non-symptomatic and pre-symptomatic people temperature screening won’t catch. But we also know there are cases that are caught with temperature screening. Florida heat doesn’t raise the body temperature to above 100 degrees unless that person is experiencing heat exhaustion – which if that’s the case they need to be cooling off their body anyway.
    It’s completely inexcusable.

  13. Open access, most definitely. The mask requirement is going to be tough to enforce in the summer heat and humidity of Central Florida. I’m hoping that will go away before our late September visit.

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