Walt Disney World Surveying Guests About New Disney Park Pass System

Following today’s challenging opening of the Disney Park Pass System at Walt Disney World, the resort has begun contacting guests with reservations with a survey about their experience.

The survey seems to note exactly which days and which parks guests have reservations for. The first question asks guests to confirm whether they booked the reservation themselves or if they were added as part of a group.

If the guest responds that they made the reservation, it then goes into how difficult the process was.

Expectations are the focus on the next section. Disney asks specifically about expectations of crowd size and wait times.

The survey then moves to the safety measures that will be in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the parks, including mandatory face coverings, temperature scans, and physical distancing.

Disney then asks about the guests’ personal history with Walt Disney World, likely to see if crowds will mostly be repeat or first-time guests.

When the parks of Walt Disney World reopen next month, it may not be “a whole new world,” but it will certainly be a different one.

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