New York Now Issuing $2,000 Fines for Failure to Observe Required 14-Day Quarantine for Travelers from Florida Due to Surge in COVID-19 Cases

With an ongoing quarantine in place for all guests from the Tri-State Area traveling to Florida, given the rising number of cases in Florida, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has reciprocated with a similar quarantine for all guests traveling in from states with high rates of confirmed COVID-19 cases. This was issued in late June, and now, Cuomo has issued an emergency health order mandating that out-of-state travelers from designated states under travel advisory provide local authorities with contact information upon entering New York, to help enforce the 14-day quarantine.

Individuals traveling from Florida must quarantine for 14 days, and provide contact information upon arrival back in the state. Failure to provide contact information could result in a summons with a $2,000 fine and a hearing for a mandatory quarantine.

Those who live in the Tri-State Area must now consider the logistics of a two-week quarantine upon their return from a visit to Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, or any tourist destination in Florida.

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