PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/28/20 (Contemporary Resort Walkway Arrival Experience, Character Sightings, Long Lines, and More)

There’s always something exciting happening at the Magic Kingdom, and today we were there to catch all the latest news. Long socially-distanced lines with short wait times were the theme of the day, but crowds were relatively light. Let’s get started!

After enjoying breakfast at the Contemporary Resort, we walked over to the Magic Kingdom via the walkway that connects the Resort with the park and encountered this line for the temperature check just after 8am. With official park opening not until 9am, guests were being held here, at the security check point, and finally at the tapstiles to enter the park in order to keep the first guests from entering the park too early.

At the tapstiles, while guests were only held a few minutes before being allowed to enter, the lines for each open lane filled up quickly, and once a crowd began to form, guests were allowed to enter and the crowd dissipated quickly.

Splash Mountain, which had been down for technical difficulties for the previous two days, had been drained of water and was still down at park opening today. A Cast Member told us that the ride would remain closed for at least two hours today, but to keep checking back.

Splashdown Photos was stocked with regular park merchandise, with no Splash Mountain themed merchandise available at any time today.

We spotted a Cast Member working on repairing Splash Mountain at the top of the drop at the end of the ride. It was pretty amazing to see someone in the mountain working on the ride.

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover has been changed to “Temporarily Unavailable” in the My Disney Experience App, while it is still unavailable despite being slated to have returned on July 11, 2020.

Checking in on another unchanged project in Tomorrowland, all seven of these scrims have had no additions or developments since the reopening. Unfortunately, time has take a toll on them, and some of the fabric is starting to pull away from the structures. Judging by the lack of progress to the rest of the refurbishment of the supports of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, we’re assuming no additional work has been done for us to see under those scrims.

We saw several long, socially-distanced lines today while the rides they belonged to boasted short wait times. This line for Space Mountain claimed to be 20 minutes. Not all of the outdoor queue was utilized, so we could see this being accurate.

This line for the Tomorrowland Speedway, however, had us scratching our heads. The line filled the exterior queue completely, and the wait time posted was 5 minutes.

This line for Peter Pan’s Flight not only filled the regular queue, but also the exterior queue, which switch backs in front of the building, creating two lines outside which both go around the corner. At the time of this picture, there were several parties past the marked spaces of the queue. The posted wait time for the ride was 20 minutes.

We got to see a few characters today, including Tinker Bell spreading a bit of magic throughout the park.

At the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, an impressive collection of this year’s Americana collection is in stock, and they’ve just received the newest addition—this Mickey Mouse plush. Dressed in a dapper stripped vest and sporting vintage red, white, and blue, this plush is certainly quite the patriotic symbol.

Later in the day—in fact, not too much longer than the two hours the Cast Member at Splash Mountain had originally suggested, Splash Mountain reopened to guests, and it very quickly attracted a line of guests. Within 20 minutes of opening, the posted wait time for the ride was 60 minutes.

At Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, the recently-installed social distancing markers for the extended queue were put to good use today. Guests looking to enjoy Sleepy Hollow’s iconic park food can now wait to order it while properly socially distanced.

In Adventureland, the hole in this wall has been covered up. It’s unclear whether this is a permanent or a temporary solution.

Outside the park’s front gate, the walkway that connects the Grand Floridian and the Magic Kingdom is nearing completion. This is the Magic Kingdom end, and this ramp connects to the Monorail platform. For more pictures and information, see our full article here.

The construction on the new dock at the Magic Kingdom is coming along nicely, with the structure for the covered area having gone up in record time, seen on the right in this picture. Work was actively underway there today, they seem to be gathering speed!

Before we left, we caught Mickey Mouse and his friends traveling the streets of Magic Kingdom on their cavalcade. We love seeing the characters this way! We had a great time at the Magic Kingdom today, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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Victor Nazarian
Victor Nazarian
4 months ago

As always, Noelle’s photos and updates are exceptionally interesting. I’ve always loved the walk from Contemporary Resort to the MK entrance and Jodi and I sometimes danced in the wide area in front of the flowers in front of the train station.