PHOTOS: New Canada Pavilion Hockey Jersey Skates into EPCOT

Canadians and fans of hockey can dress to impress with this new hockey jersey from the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT.

canada jersey 1

The front of the jersey has a Mickey Mouse silhouette wearing shorts with Canada’s maple leaf symbol.

canada jersey 2

The back of the jersey proudly proclaims “Canada” with another maple leaf and “EPCOT World Showcase” beneath it. (Of course, EPCOT is written in the fancy new font.)

canada jersey 3
canada jersey 5

The Canada pavilion has been releasing plenty of new merchandise over the past week.

canada jersey 4

This jersey is $69.99. Will you be picking it up?

1 thought on “PHOTOS: New Canada Pavilion Hockey Jersey Skates into EPCOT”

  1. ugh. As a lover of Canada, hockey, hockey jerseys and Disney I am precisely the demographic for this product. Yet the design, like all Disney hockey designs, is terrible. Had they put the “Canada” script on the front and “Mickey 28” on the back, it would have been a big improvement. One day they will get a hockey design right and it will fly off the shelves

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