PHOTOS: Splash Mountain Themed Merchandise Restocked After Selling Out at the Magic Kingdom


PHOTOS: Splash Mountain Themed Merchandise Restocked After Selling Out at the Magic Kingdom


PHOTOS: Splash Mountain Themed Merchandise Restocked After Selling Out at the Magic Kingdom

While many have been eager to ride their favorite attraction or dig into their Disney Parks snack of choice, a number of devoted fans have been rope-dropping Splash Mountain every morning at the Magic Kingdom during its reopening—not for the ride, but for the merch! We’ve chronicled the phenomenon of Splash Mountain merchandise selling out throughout the reopening previews, and today was no exception. In the morning, it appeared that all Splash Mountain plush merchandise was sold out at Splashdown Photos, the main location for attraction merch now that Briar Patch is closed.

Later in the day, we stopped by and joined a full virtual queue for the store, and were lucky enough to get a return time hours later. We were pleasantly surprised to see once we walked in that the Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Bear plush had been restocked!

SplashMoutainBrerPlush 1

It’s a Br’er Bear in a barrel! You can also see that the Splash Mountain mugs are back in stock now, as well.

SplashMoutainBrerPlush 3

Above, you’ll see an entire wall of recently sold-out Br’er Rabbit plush. At the rate Splash Mountain merchandise is currently selling out across the property, we recommend coming and picking up your plush sooner rather than later.

SplashMoutainBrerPlush 4
SplashMoutainMerchRestock 1

There are several different locations Br’er Bear can be found throughout the store, so if one spot is currently empty, keep looking around the walls or on shelving units.

SplashMoutainMerchRestock 2
SplashMoutainMerchRestock 3

There’s also a slew of Splash Mountain themed children’s t-shirts, mugs, and photo frames available—but only while supplies last.

The Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Bear plush are highly-coveted items by Disney fans right now, so make sure you grab yours while you still can. Will you be adding a new plush to your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Splash Mountain Themed Merchandise Restocked After Selling Out at the Magic Kingdom”

    1. Kudos to Disney for actually using people’s hoarder greed to their own advantage
    2. It amazes me that so many people forgot that “they can always make more”
    3. Splash Mountain will be here for at least two more years – retheming takes time and money – lots of money
    4. And in case everyone missed it – Disney has been shut down for a few months…they’re already a little low on cash
  1. Did they ever say they were going to stop restocking Splash Mountain merchandise? It’s going to be an awfully long time before the ride does get the re-theme. I see the same pictures you guys use on a personal shopper’s instagram who sold the mugs and plush for $80 each. Hopefully this means they will be cheaper eventually, when everyone calms the hell down.

  2. Would get Brer Bear and Brer Fox for my kids if I could. We got Brer Rabbit for them last year. They weren’t selling all three yet at that time. I hate that they will not get a chance to get the others. I’m sure they will be long gone thanks to all the $100-300 dollar ebay listings that have popped up over the last few days. If some of those people read this post, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  3. I went for the ap preview friday and most everything was already gone and with this new reservation system looks like most people will not get a chance anytime soon to get in. Here is to hoping Disney will put a limit on these to not allow people to walk away with truck loads. Its only me and i would like to have some stuff for myself. One of my fondest memories as a little kid back in’92 at Disneyland was splash mountain.

  4. I hope I have a change to get the plushies , but sadly I live in Europe and it’s hard to get them for a normal price

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