PHOTOS: Droid Depot Reopens in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with Social Distancing and Plexiglass Barriers

Bright suns and welcome back to Black Spire Outpost, travelers! If you are in need of an R2- or BB- unit ,then the Droid Depot in Galaxy’s Edge is the place to be. Here you can custom-build your own droid using spare parts that move along a conveyer belt. Upon its reopening this week, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is implementing social distancing guidelines throughout the park, including the Droid Depot. Let’s take a look at the changes you can expect for this experience.

Guests will enter the queue to the left, making sure to follow the red and white social distancing markers on the floor. You will notice there are also red and white directional arrows to follow. Easily the most noticeable difference here are the large plexiglass walls separating guests in the switchback queue. This allows this style of queue to be utilized in a narrow space and still keep guests safe.

At the end of this queue, we have registers and Cast Members to assist you. You may also see a hand sanitizer dispenser. Cleanliness is important no matter what planet you’re on!

As you can see there are markers on the floor where guests would previously stand. However, this is one of the biggest changes that have come to this experience. Guests will no longer line up here to choose their droid parts. Disney is discouraging guests from handling the merchandise too much if they do not necessarily intend to purchase it. The Cast Members here will be assisting you.

After receiving their basket of droid parts, a Cast Member will direct guests to the counter where they can begin their build. A gate indicates that it is Exit Only to assist with flow of foot traffic.

Over by the activation bays, there are bright, taped-off sections where each party can stand to finish their droids. Additionally, tall plexiglass barriers separate each group from one another for safety. When you are finished, you can go home with a new robotic friend!

Show off your love of droids with some fun themed merchandise such as mugs, hats, and t-shirts in the adjacent Droid Depot store.

Combine your love of cooking and droids with Droid Depot and R2-D2 kitchen accessories.

If you can’t get enough time on Batuu, take a look at the reopening of Savi’s Workshop. Are you looking forward to returning to the Droid Depot upon your return to Batuu? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. this is what i was waiting for. i am so stoked the depot opened back up! gotta get my reservation for my September trip, better believe i’ll have my own R2 unit.

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