PHOTOS, VIDEO: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Reopens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with Distanced Pre-Shows, Queue Dividers, and First Order Officers in Face Shields

It’s time to ignite the spark as we head on in with our fellow Resistance members to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Cast Member previews today. We’ve seen how quickly reservations for Disney’s Hollywood Studios have gone over the past weeks through the Disney Park Pass system, so it’s evident that guests are eager to come back and experience one of the newest lands at Walt Disney World, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Of course, with limited capacity comes lower wait times for most attractions, and less crowding, so upon park open today, guests beelined their way over to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which was open for just over three months when the theme parks shut down.

After passing through temperature screenings and security, it’s past the classic marquee entrance and straight on past Hollywood Boulevard.

Once you reach the Chinese Theatre, you’ll want to hang a left to walk past the Theater District and past the AT-ATs of Star Tours all the way over through the Galaxy’s Edge tunnels.

Crowds were light this morning as guests traversed the space tunnel into a galaxy far, far away.

Once inside the land, you walk past a series of umbrellas forming a makeshift outdoor queue.

While a modified virtual queue will be in place for Rise of the Resistance upon the park’s official reopening on July 15, for Cast Member previews, the queue is stand-by only.

With no Boarding Groups to check for, guests are free to just stroll on into the Resistance Forest.

The entirety of the queue is lined with social distancing markers along the floor.

As you pass by the waterfall and into the caverns, you’ll notice the markers on the ground continue.

Once inside, however, the queue is now lined with plexiglass walls to keep guests separate as they wind through.

Water fountains are still available, although it isn’t exactly recommended given the current circumstances.

By the time we’d nearly paced most of the line, things took an odd turn as the line was redirected into the overflow queue for Muppet*Vision 3-D:

Thankfully, guests were able to get a better look at these amazing Muppet lanterns, which are rarely appreciated.

After that, it was time to head backstage, where we wound up entering a side door back into the Rise of the Resistance queue:

It’s unknown whether this overflow queue will be utilized outside of Cast Member previews, but if you find yourself getting thrown out to Muppet*Vision, don’t worry—you’ll still get on the ride.

Back inside, we come across some Resistance equipment.

On the other side of this is another wall of plexiglass.

Many wondered whether we’d get to experience the pre-shows given the new health and safety guidelines. Thankfully, all pre-show experiences have been preserved, with guests standing on numbered markers with their party to maintain distance from other parties in the room.

Once alerted of our mission, guests are then hurried over to wait for the I-TS Resistance Transport ship.

Here, there’s plenty of space to spread out. Batuuians are clad in face masks and face shields.

There’s also a hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance to the transport.

Inside the transport, guests are also indicated to stand on numbered markers for social distancing.

Once the ship gets taken over by the First Order, an officer will come onboard. You’ll notice that officers no longer wear their usual uniform hats, but a face shield and face mask.

Inside the Star Destroyer hangar bay, guests can still wander and look out over the army of Stormtroopers.

As you make your way deeper into the Star Destroyer, the halls are now lined with plexiglass dividers here, as well.

Once you’ve reached the end of the queue, First Order officers in face shields will separate groups for interrogation.

Of course, your interrogation is thwarted thanks to the efforts of the Resistance, and before you know it you’re zooming away with R-5 on your very own First Order Fleet Transport. Each party will get their own separate transport, and masks must remain on for the entirety of the ride.

After managing to escape, you get the all-clear from Lieutenant Bek to head on your way!

Once back out on Batuu, you’ll notice there are social distancing markers throughout, including at every ship and photo op.

For now, the Resistance Supply merchandise kiosks remain closed.

What do you think of the new modifications aboard Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance? Will you be trying your luck at getting into the virtual queue once the park reopens to the public on July 15? Let us know in the comments below.

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