READER RESULTS: Favorite Attraction Queues at the Magic Kingdom

I do not know about you but my countdown has begun for the Magic Kingdom re-opening on July 11th! I am so excited to walk down Main Street U.S.A and see the Cinderella Castle transformation up close, grab a Mickey Mouse cinnamon roll, and then head on over to my favorite attractions.

We know that things will look a little different at the Magic Kingdom because Disney has important procedures planned for the health and safety of their Guests, which you can read about on their know before you go page. While it may not be ideal and will take a little getting used to, I have to say that The Incredible’s health and safety campaign is so clever to help keep the magic alive during these temporary changes.

Part of the new health and safety procedures will help Guests stay physically distant from each other. I am sure that attraction queue lines are no exception and we might see a slightly different setup. But, no matter what changes they make, it will not affect the magic of our favorite queues! In case you missed it, you can read about my favorite Magic Kingdom attraction queues right here. Now, let’s see how the readers voted for their favorites!

Reader Results Countdown

6. Jungle Cruise

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Well, the Jungle Cruise queue did not get a lot of love. There were a good many fans out there who voted, but it wasn’t enough to put it into first place. I love a lot about this queue but one of my favorite elements is definitely the radio broadcast. Kevin Jurewicz commented “Honorable mention the Jungle Cruise, that radio playing is hysterical!”

In 1994 Disney did a rework of the queue to add the radio broadcast and new props to really help the story come alive. I’m sure I would have still loved Jungle Cruise back then, but hearing those antics come over the airwaves really makes it fun!

5. Other – Space Mountain

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I loved reading all of your comments from this page and across our other social media platforms. It’s one of my favorite things to hear about what other Disney fans love about the parks and why. After tallying up the comments, a lot of you voted for Space Mountain! Here are some of the reader comments.

“Space Mountain is my favorite. Is it the best themed? Maybe not. But the music and star fields can’t be beat! I always feel like I’m waiting to transfer to a space station!” – Jenn

“Space Mountain line for me! I love the sounds, the decoration, and the little planet things!” – Zoey

“I have always loved Space Mountain’s the best.” – Tiffany Rich Johnson

“I love Space Mountain, I know it has gone down a little without the game in the cue, but the app aspect is fun and the ships racing is cool!” – Mollie

“Space Mountain queue is interstellar 🙌🏻 Love a good space tunnel!” – Ariana

While Space Mountain still won the “other” vote, there were so many of you that voted for other awesome attraction queues. Let’s see what some of you voted for!

“Mickey’s Philharmagic! I love all the puns and inside jokes on the posters.” – Christa

“The queue for Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is super cool because you feel as if you’ve been transported to Monstropolis! The vending machine, trash compactor, tv monitors, bulletin boards with the notes on it, Monsters Of Comedy, Mike’s dressing room door, and the window showing Monstropolis!” – Carl

“Hall of Presidents is very cool because of the history, I also really like Dumbos because they have a brilliant system. Last but not least PhilarMagic is cool.” – Ej Dziedzina

“Mine train and Winnie the Pooh.” – James Williams

“Splash mountain.” – Laurie Gallion

4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad made it into the number 4 spot! I have fond memories of standing in this queue way before they added all of the fun interactive elements that they have today. Setting off dynamite is pretty fun, but even before that was there I still loved picking out all of the gags and watching the runaway mine train in action.

Even though it can get really hot in the queue like many of your mentioned, the theme and interactive games must outweigh the heat to keep it a fan favorite! Fun fact: did you know that the height check sign at the beginning of the queue is made from leftover rail pieces?

3. Peter Pan’s Flight

Here we go off to Neverland! Peter Pan’s Flight beat Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but not by very much. Amanda Woomer-Limpert said, “The new Peter Pan queue is amazing!” I agree Amanda! The nursery is so well done that you feel like you have stepped right into the story! I visit Walt Disney World when there are low crowds, but Peter Pan’s Flight still manages to keep one of the highest (if not the highest) wait time while we are there. Experiencing this amazing queue is a huge help in maintaining the magic.

There is so much to look at and explore while vising the nursery that the Play Disney Parks app utilizes that for even more fun. There is a great game that you can play while in the nursery that is a lot of fun for children and adults!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

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Pirates of the Caribbean is your number two pick! While I would think that it is because of the adventurous theme and storyline, turns out some of you just want the A/C! Can we blame them? It also got some love on that wonderful smell, thank you Ken G!

“The Pirates of the Caribbean queue….the best way to cool off.” – Scott Soloway

“Pirates of the Caribbean is great b/c the temp is always cool inside 🌬️+🥵=😊” – Annie Boyle

“I’m voting based on the last time I was there in 2014 (Pirates) but being that we are annual passholders at Disneyland I know exactly what you mean by the smell of going into the queue at Pirates. It’s much shorter at Disneyland once you get inside the building but there is that balst of cool air during the summer and the scent of the water and all.” – Ken G

Fun Fact! Marc Davis, one of the WDI designers on Pirates of the Caribbean, created most of the gags you see in the attraction, but he also had his hand in designing the chess-mate gag in the queue!

1. The Haunted Mansion

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Here we have your number one pick! Drum roll, please… The Haunted Mansion! This spooky estate won by a landslide. I loved reading some of your comments telling me what you love about this attraction queue!

“Haunted Mansion. It’s so immersive. The grave stones celebrating the Imagineers that worked on it. The portrait of Master Gracy. The stretching room. and the queue leading to your doom buggy. The whole thing holds a strong theme of foreboding. Need I need to say more?” – James April

“Haunted mansion for the ambiance …” – Sandy Donisi

The Haunted Mansion queue was great even before they extended the graveyard. But, the graveyard interactive elements are a fun surprise if you are standing still long enough to actually play. I totally understand why this queue was voted your favorite!

Stay Tuned!

Thank you for voting and sharing your favorite Magic Kingdom attraction queues! As always, it is my favorite to read your comments and see how you voted. Stay tuned for a brand new poll coming up soon!

Bonus Tip

Here is your Extra Magic Tip: I love those of you who said that your favorite queue was the shortest! Classic! For those of you that just want to hop onto an attraction with a typically shorter line check out Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, Mad Tea Party, and the Walt Disney World Railroad to name a few!

Featured image credit: Matthew Cooper Photography

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11 months ago

WDW railroad is likely the longest queue at the moment…