Disneyland Paris Launches New Brochures in the Clever Style of Around-the-World Travel Guides


Disneyland Paris Launches New Brochures in the Clever Style of Around-the-World Travel Guides


Disneyland Paris Launches New Brochures in the Clever Style of Around-the-World Travel Guides

Want to see the world without the lengthy plane rides? You’re not alone there. Particularly with the current global climate, many people are finding themselves without exotic vacation plans, dreaming of that next ticket abroad to somewhere new and exciting.

Therefore, Disneyland Paris has just released a new set of brochures for the resort, cleverly styled as around-the-world travel guides. After all, with all the culture, adventure, and theming across Disneyland Paris, anyone can ‘travel around the world in record time’, all within the magic of the parks.

Each French-language guide is themed to a different continental area, and includes a list of themed attractions, restaurants, and shops throughout the Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios parks. Let’s take a closer look together…


dlp travel guide europe

The resort may be located in France, but there is much more European representation in the Disneyland Park! This first brochure focuses mainly on Fantasyland, and the different attractions which can be found there.

dlp travel guide europe uk

Representing the United Kingdom are the “Alice in Wonderland” themed attractions, such as Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, with Peter Pan’s Flight and Le Carrousel de Lancelot also based off British stories. The Les Voyages de Pinocchio ride and Pizzeria Bella Notte bring some Italian culture to the park too.

dlp travel guide europe italy

Of course, the Europe brochure also details the stunning French culture throughout the park, from the fairytale-inspired Sleeping Beauty Castle to Remy’s plaza outside the Ratatouille attraction in the Walt Disney Studios Park.

The Americas & Oceania

dlp travel guide americas

The second brochure focuses on all of the details inspired by North and South America, and Oceania.

dlp travel guide americas usa

What could be more iconic than Main Street, U.S.A? The first sight guests see as they enter the Disneyland park is themed to resemble the American town Walt Disney himself grew up in, bringing the classic American design over from Disneyland and Walt Disney World to the Paris park. Also featured in this brochure are the attractions and restaurants located in Frontierland, inspired by the American Far-West. Included here are the Phantom Manor and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, as well as the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue and Silver Spur Steakhouse.

dlp travel guide americas oz

Australia is represented over in the Walt Disney Studios Park, as guests can spin through the fast-paced East Australian Current aboard a turtle shell on Crush’s Coaster. Back in the Disneyland park, the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and the pirate ship and caverns inside Adventure Isle will transport guests straight to the Caribbean Islands.

Asia, Africa & Arabia

dlp travel guide asia

This third brochure focuses on elements themed to the continents of Africa and Asia, as well as touching on the areas of the land inspired by the legend of the Arabian Nights. The latter can be explored within stores like Les Tresors de Scheherezade, and sampled in the Moroccan-influenced Restaurant Agrabah Cafe.

dlp travel guide asia africa

African influences can be found across Disneyland Paris too, most especially in performances of The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands, and during the spectacular annual Lion King and Jungle Festival.

dlp travel guide asia india

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril offers archaeological Indian influences to the Disneyland Park, and the theme of the nearby Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost offers inspiration from the India-based “The Jungle Book”!

Intergalactic Adventures

dlp travel guide

As if the world wasn’t enough, Disneyland Paris also offers guests the experience of intergalactic adventure too, which is detailed in this final travel guide.

dlp travel guide galaxy discoveryland
dlp travel guide galaxy discoveryland shops

The Disneyland Park’s Discoveryland is where guests can find all manners of intergalactic adventure, from the steampunk-style architecture of Cafe Hyperion to the “Star Wars” battles in Hyperspace Mountain and Star Tours.

You can read all four travel brochures in full here. We already knew that the Disneyland Paris advertising game is strong, following many adorable tv-spots over the years, but we particularly love this new promotional format for the resort. It is wonderful to appreciate the stunning and innovative theming across each park, and the clever cultural dedications behind every element. Will you be travelling around the world in Disneyland Paris soon?