Title Revealed for Live-Action “Beauty and the Beast” Prequel About Gaston; Coming Soon to Disney+

Back in March, Disney announced a live-action Beauty and the Beast prequel series would be coming to Disney+. The series will revolve around Gaston and LeFou, and Luke Evans and Josh Gad will reprise their roles. It was later announced that Alan Menken was writing brand new songs for the series. In a new interview with Variety, Menken revealed the title of the show.

I’m excited about the projects I’m doing. I’m working on “Disenchanted” and a new “Beauty and the Beast” prequel, “The Little Town.”

When asked what projects he’s working on, Menken lists the Beauty and the Beast prequel “The Little Town.” Collider later confirmed that the series is simply called “Little Town.”

“Little town” is of course the first line of the song “Belle”, in which Gaston and LeFou first appear in both the animated and live-action films.

Alan Menken was the composer of the original Beauty and the Beast and wrote new songs for the live-action remake. However, Howard Ashman was the lyricist for the original film but he passed away from AIDS before six months before the film was released. As a title, “Little Town” pays tribute to lyrics he wrote.

Nothing else is known about the series at this time, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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4 months ago

This show is a waste of resources and is unnecessary. They can’t even get the Muppets right, and they’re doing this? Muppets Now might even be worse than the Office-style show on ABC. What’s wrong with doing what worked in the past, an actual Muppet Show? With funny jokes and only one human guest. The human guests in Muppets Now looked bored to be there and instead of revolving around the guest, like it should be, the guest plays second-fiddle to incredibly unfunny jokes. And for anyone who watched the RuPaul “interview,” they set up what could have been an… Read more »

Paul Alter
Paul Alter
4 months ago

I think what you meant to say was by “coming soon”, to be released some unspecified date in the future after some unspecified date in the future when production can begin again?