PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 7/30/20 (Gideon’s Bakehouse Update, POP Gallery Closure, New MouseWares Character Spatulas, Leather Mickey Ears, and More!)

Good morning from Disney Springs! We took a break from the parks today to see what was new at the most magical shopping destination on earth, and boy are we glad we did, there was so much to find! Let’s get started!

On our walk around before the stores opened, we saw that lovepop has closed their location near Paddlefish in preparation to open their new location next to Ron Jon Surf Shop. No specific opening date has been given for the opening, the window just says “Coming Soon 2020”.

While construction at the future location of Gideon’s Bakehouse has been almost entirely invisible to guests, we finally have a little peek at what’s going on with the project.

The metal framework for the awnings that were installed above the windows have been removed. We could see work lights hung inside the windows, so things aren’t quite ready inside yet, but hopefully we’ll be eating these delicious cookies before too long!

We’ve seen updated signage across all of the parks now reminding guests to keep their masks on except while eating or drinking while stationary, and now these signs have made their way to the Springs as well. We saw less enforcement of this rule here than at the parks, but hopefully as this new stipulation becomes more second nature, enforcement will be less necessary.

We checked in on the food trucks and, as usual, found one of them missing. Today, the Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet truck was gone, leaving Mac & Cheese and Hot Diggity Dogs for guests to enjoy.

Over at the future location of M&M, no visible changes have been made to the construction site.

The Candy Cauldron was getting an update today, in the form of a paint refresh. “Wet Paint” signs were hung across the front of the building, but were removed before the shop opened at 10am.

Over at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, the Shine Bar & Social got a brand-new outdoor bar set up. Construction was completed overnight, but it had not opened for service yet.

At the Lululemon construction site, windows and doors have been installed in all the previously empty cases across the front of the building. We could see lights hung from the ceiling inside as well. It may not be too much longer before this location opens!

Once in World of Disney, we found a world of new merchandise. First were these new Mickey Mouse ears, classic style with no bow, made out of faux leather. For more pictures and information, see our article here.

toy story beauty beast cinderella spatulas

Next we found a whole collection of spatulas to go with the character apron collection. Our favorite was this rose spatula to go with the Beauty and the Beast set. For pictures and information on all the new spatulas, see our article here.

rex hoodie

We also found this wild Rex youth hoodie so your little one can dress up from everyone’s favorite dinosaur toy from Toy Story this Halloween, or every day, for that matter. For more pictures and information, see our article here.

Next, we headed over to the Marketplace Co-Op and were surprised to see that the face mask stations had been removed from TrenD, returning the store to its original state.

The dressing rooms, while still closed, are no longer a face mask station.

Disney face masks can now be found displayed with regular merchandise around the Marketplace Co-Op. We found them everywhere across the building.

We stopped in at Erin McKenna’s Bakery to see what might catch our eye, and this Churros and Chocolate cupcake was certainly speaking to us today. Do you have a favorite flavor of sweet treat from Erin McKenna’s? Let us know in the comments!

We found this cute new Coca-Cola Walt Disney World Resort pin at the Coca-Cola Store today. We love this line of merchandise!

Vera Bradley, the leading retailer in face masks at Disney Springs, has introduced a second style of mask, a pleated style with behind-the-head elastic adjustable ties. They have an impressive print selection already, and also have a filter pocket like the fitted masks. These masks retail for $8.

Stance just released their Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back sock set. The Mandalorian socks are exclusive to this box set, which retails for $85.

L’Occitane was able to bring back some of their sampler products to the store. Guests are still asked to sanitize or wash their hands upon entering the store, and the more hands on demonstrations are no longer available.

After 15 years at Disney Springs, today was Pop Gallery’s last day of business. Most of the store was on sale, although they will continue business online and possibly in other locations.

A box sat on the counter for guests to leave notes of farewell. No other signs of closure were visible. We hope that fans of Pop Gallery were able to come visit the shop one last time to say goodbye. The owners promised to stay active online, so don’t forget to follow them!

We had a great day at Disney Springs, we hope you had a good time coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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