VIDEO: First Look at Thwomp Moving and Coming to Life at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan

Weโ€™ve been eagerly covering updates on the construction going on at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan as it continues leveling up. As more of this interactive world comes to life, we’ve seen moving coins, green Koopa shells, super mushrooms, Piranha Plants, and more all coming together to make this world feel like we’re inside of the video game.

Today, we spotted a Thwomp moving about, ready to crash down on the ground and, well, thwomp. Thanks to Twitter user @EtiaCSXZDkkpdbs, we got to see the first look at Thwomp all lit up last month, but today, Twitter user @ThemeParkShark captured video of one in action!

The ยฅ60 billion ($559.5 million) expansion will feature an exciting and highly interactive environment where beloved experiences centered around the Super Mario characters will come to life. The land is expected to feature a Mario Kart E-ticket as well as a family-friendly Yoshi attraction.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan was initially slated for a Summer 2020 opening, ahead of the now-delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics. But due to the parkโ€™s current recovery from its extended COVID-19 closure, Universal Studios Japan has decided that itโ€™s in the interest of Guest safety to delay the opening. No new target date was given.

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Featured Image: @29QuP2 on Twitter

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11 months ago

From the looks of it, a Thwomp drop tower ride could be fun. You go up to the top, and then you land with the trademark Thwomp UNGH!