Bob Iger Calls Change in CDC Guidelines on COVID-19 Testing “Horrifying”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip the world, The Walt Disney Company’s Executive Chairman Bob Iger has expressed his frustration with a recent guideline change from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, calling it “horrifying.”

Yesterday, the CDC shocked many by reversing course on COVID-19 testing, claiming that people may not need to be tested if they feel they’re experiencing symptoms related to the virus. This comes after weeks of encouraging the public to get tested if they feel they may have been exposed to the disease. The change brought criticism from medical personnel, public health experts and elected officials, who feel that this could make the virus harder to track as the United States enters flu season.

Iger took to Twitter, sharing ABC News‘ report on the position reversal and adding, “This is more than disappointing. It is horrifying.”

Disney has made efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their theme parks since reopening, requiring guests to undergo a temperature screening before entering. Earlier this month, the company also opened a free COVID-19 testing site for cast members and the general public at Disney’s Maingate office complex in Walt Disney World.

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  1. And yet three weeks ago when I was exposed the week I was supposed to go to Disney they wouldn’t help with my ticket situation. You sir lack the courage of your supposed convictions.

  2. Horrifying as well are the thousands of cast member still on indefinite furlough with no idea when or if they will get their jobs back. Meanwhile, the CEOs have reinstated their HUGE salaries. How do they sleep at night??

  3. So Bob’s a medical professional now?

    I’m horrified that he’s restored all the manager’s salaries but laid off all the actual employees indefinitely. But I suppose this makes for a good distraction from that.

  4. When is Iger going to just go away? After destroying the Walt Disney Company via expensive acquisitions with little return, establishing a “woke” culture that is eating itself within, and failing to entice people back to the parks with reasonable accommodations and offerings, now he wants to comment on the CDC. He’s clearly in it for political reasons.

    Go away, Iger, and hand over Disney back to the Fans!

  5. Decided to trust only the science you like, Dr. Iger? The CDC, just like the World Health Organization and other scientists and medical professionals, have been continually adapting and reversing guidance for the last 7 months as they learn more about Covid. very convenient that you and other leading liberals are now outraged that the CDC has released its guidance, a few months before an election and as positive cases continue drop rapidly.

    Simple question. Do you find equally as horrifying the World Health Organization’s directions several days ago that children under 5 do not need to be wearing masks? Will you ensure that is implemented in the theme parks as well? Please elaborate on which science you trust.

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