PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Raptor “Transfer Gate” Erected at Velocicoaster Site Across from Raptor Encounter in Jurassic Park at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

More elements of the “Velocicoaster” at Jurassic Park in Universal’s Islands of Adventure are taking shape. Just the other day, we noticed a raptor cage. Now new show elements of the roller coaster are being added as we watch.

A new metal structure has been constructed directly across from the pre-existing Raptor Encounter.

The pavement indicates further connection between the attractions with a dark gray portion of pavement interrupting the brown surrounding it.

It seems that this new structure is going to resemble a transfer gate, indicating that a raptor has been moved from the coaster area over to the Encounter within the new “Jurassic World” storyline.

We turned away for a few minutes, only for another metal piece to be added.

We kept watching as workers continued to put this structure together.

Though this giant coaster has not even been officially announced by Universal, construction is moving rapidly.

The entrance to the coaster will be somewhere in this vicinity, near The Burger Digs.

More metal supports were being lowered into the site in the distance.

And yes, the real-life “raptor” (osprey) that nested on the coaster is still there. Life finds a way.

Watch our video of the new transfer gate below.

Are you excited for the new “Velocicoaster”? Let us know in the comments.

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