Photo Credit: WDWMAGIC.COM

PHOTOS: Iconic Gateway Gifts Sign at Spaceship Earth Finally Replaced After Nearly 38 Years

It’s the end of an era at EPCOT… and the start of a new one. New signs have come to the entrance of EPCOT for its reimagining, and just as the Camera Center and Pin Traders have been outfitted with redesigned signage, now the iconic Gateway Gifts sign has been replaced after nearly 38 years.

The store underwent a brief refurbishment earlier this year in January, however the old signs came out unscathed. Permits were recently filed for graphics in the area, and many EPCOT purists were in fear of losing their beloved Gateway Gifts sign, but the signs still held out for a few more weeks.

Photo Credit: WDWMAGIC.COM

Today, the signs were replaced with all-new signage featuring the new EPCOT font and blue accents on the top and bottom of the grey sign. Photos are courtesy of WDWMagic, who was among the first to report of the changes.

Photo Credit: WDWMAGIC.COM

Much like the lucite pylons installed on the nearby fountain, what is old is new again across EPCOT as its reimagining continues to borrow from the park’s early EPCOT Center roots. We do hope that these signs, as one of the last remaining vestiges of old EPCOT, are preserved in some way as a part of the park’s history.

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Featured Image: WDWMAGIC.COM