PHOTOS: New “Indiana Jones” Magnet Set Arrives at Walt Disney World

It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

It may have been 12 years since the last Indiana Jones film, but merchandise for this classic series is still arriving at Walt Disney World. We recently picked up a baseball cap and puzzle featuring the famous adventurer. Now you can get a set of four magnets celebrating each film in the series (so far).

Each magnet is a stylized poster for one of the Indiana Jones films.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark magnet stands out particularly, with a white background.

The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Temple of Doom magnets have brown backgrounds, while Last Crusade is sporting a subdued blue. Each poster has Indy and two other main characters from the respective film.

We found this magnet set for $17.99 in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

What’s your favorite Indiana Jones film?

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Kevin B
Kevin B
1 month ago

Temple of Doom! Short round, Willy, and somehow weird DAK Asia vibes! I love it !!

Last edited 1 month ago by Kevin B
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