PHOTOS: Spaceship Earth Now Constantly Leaking Onto Guests at EPCOT

Like a grand and miraculous waterfall, it seems Spaceship Earth is still having problems at EPCOT, with constant leaking affecting the entrance to the iconic attraction. The leaking issue has been ongoing since 2018, and persists to this day, with water dropping onto guests as they enter the attraction’s queue.

You can see the water actively running down the panels of the geodesic sphere, trickling down in front of where the wait times signs are.

The ground at the entrance is wet from the constant dripping, with guests often underneath as they pass through or wait to enter the socially-distanced queue.

Originally written off as a minor leak, this issue persists days after it rains due to a seriously damaged drainage system throughout the structure. While the delay of Spaceship Earth’s refurbishment and reimagining came as a major relief to many EPCOT fans and die-hards, the attraction still is in dire need of repair, something that likely won’t be addressed until the reimagining project begins.

Have you witnessed Spaceship Earth leaking on your recent trips to EPCOT? Have you been #blessed with EPCOT water? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I worked for EPCOT for 9 years. Back then the issue was on the West side of Queue. No cover. People would jump over the metal fence to avoid getting wet. The entrance to Living Seas had bad drainage. Entrance always flooded. At Journey into Imagination people refuse to leave exit area of Magic Eye Theatre due to a down pour. We close doors. People couldn’t stand that. They left despite the heavy rain.

  2. My wife and I went to EPCOT 2 weeks after it opened in 1982 and spaceship earth leaked then. Has it ever been leak free or is this a constant problem just getting worse. Instead of increasing maintenance during the closure it seems Disney actually let it slide and the results are rides breaking down and most likely discouraging people going to Disney. Let’s see go to Disney with covid and ride issues, I don’t think so. Chapek has to be the worst type of leader at this time. His idea of business is too increase expense cuts which looks like maintenance and unfortunately live entertainment, and I’m not talking about the live suspensions due to covid he already announced the closing of live entertainment especially annoying is the end of the muppets American history show at the hall of presidents. Raise prices screw the annual pass holders, nice job Chapek give less for more. Disney is now 1 big money grab. I for one won’t be going anytime soon and my daughter and son in law work for Disney. I’ll head to them in CA. and Disneyland but WDW is an afterthought

    1. You’re not wrong. I deliver to Disney world every day. all the backstage areas you can’t see haven’t been mowed in months because they’re trying to cut back on having to pay people plus all the loading docks are falling apart. I just can’t see how with all the money they’ve been making they skipped on stuff for so long

    2. Maintenance during shutdown? I didn’t know amusement park repair people were essential workers

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