PHOTOS: Structure in Place for Installation of New Lucite Fountain Pillars at EPCOT

Despite closures, pandemics, and storms, EPCOT trudges on through its reimagining one project at a time, and thanks to Project Gamma, we’re going back in time, having the former fountain replaced with one that looks very much like the original one from EPCOT Center. Today at the park, a new structure was erected for the upcoming installation of the iconic lucite pillars that will adorn the central entrance fountain once again.

The black metal structure peeks out from over the construction walls that surround the fountain and the remaining portions of the entrance gardens.

The structure appears to be temporary, with padding at the top to hold the lucite while it settles in to the triangular crevices at the base of the fountain.

As we first showed you back in our Project Gamma fountain post from July 2019, the new version of the fountain will harken back to the original lucite fountain that had originally graced EPCOT’s entrance…

Large lucite obelisks etched with the park logo welcome guests with Spaceship Earth in the background.

The structure appears to be bolted to the base of the fountain in order to hold the weight of the lucite pillars, which we expect to be installed in the coming days, if not weeks.

Are you looking forward to seeing the new fountain and completed entrance at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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1 month ago

I miss epcot! Amazing place!

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